Weekly Wrap

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16th Setember – Parent Teacher Student Interviews

17th September – Last Day Term 3

5th October – General Achievement Test (GAT)


Dear all,


Welcome to Week 9


This week it was great to see some of our budding female engineers participate in a STEAM enrichment project with students from other schools. The girls were selected to participate as they are working ahead of expected levels across a range of subjects, and have a passion for STEAM.


Despite the challenges of remote and flexible learning, we do know some students are doing particularly well. However, we are also very aware that a number of students have really found this style of schooling difficult. As we build next year’s timetable, and as we prepare for the return to face to face learning in Term 4, we have made a commitment to support all students who may have gaps in their learning.


While students have been in remote learning, our Leading Teachers have been analyzing assessment data to identify gaps in student learning, and specific skills that are yet to be acquired. We will be putting resources in place to provide small group tutoring as soon as students return to face to face. We are not going to wait until next year. We want to rebuild learning confidence and engagement, to give our students the best chance possible for success.


This week, we posted home cards to all students in the mail, with sunflower seeds and a Maori proverb. Our message is one of hope, that these tough times will pass, and we should be looking forward, toward brighter times, when we can all safely return to face to face learning. We miss everyone, we know how challenging this has been and we are excited about what next term seems destined to bring us. For now, plant your sun flower seeds, look after them and watch them grow. Use it as a symbol for how strongly we will rebound as a community.


This week the Hawthorn Football Club announced that our AFL Academy Head Coach, Andy Collins will be returning to the club as Head of Development.  Forest Hill College is proud of the appointment of AFL academy coach Andrew Collins to this role.


Andy returns to his old club, Hawthorn, in a role he is eminently qualified to perform. In his time coaching our Academy we have seen 3 students enter the National Talent Pathways Programs and 2 students finish in the top 3 in the Eastern Football Netball League Competition Best and Fairest in their age groups. Andy will commence in his new role on the 1st of November 2021. Andy has left an indelible imprint on our academy, and we are extremely grateful for his outstanding contribution to our College. The College will continue to be linked with Andy as he will work with us in a role, Coaching Director of the AFL academy. Andy is currently assisting us, as we work through the Hawthorn Football Club to identify our new Head Coach. As soon as we have made an appointment, we will inform the community.


Stay safe stay strong


David Rogers

College Principal


Australia Reading Hour

Tuesday September 14th

Originally launched by Australian libraries and library associations for the National Year of Reading in 2012, the Australian Reading Hour began as an event for all Australians to set aside one hour on one day to read – whatever they wanted, wherever they were located, and however they chose to read.

This has now become an annual event to celebrating reading across Australia.

Tuesday September 14th is Australian Reading Hour for this year, and what better year is there to set aside an hour to read?

Whilst we are all in lockdown here in Melbourne, reading is a great way to reduce stress, entertain ourselves and travel the world when we have to stay at home.

We would like to encourage all members of the Forest Hill College school community to find an hour (or more!) to sit and read on Tuesday.

Read whatever you would like – a book, a comic, a magazine, something online – basically anything you want.

Helen & Kym – your FHC Library Team