Weekly Wrap

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5th October – General Achievement Test (GAT)

4th October – First Day Term 4


Dear all,


Welcome to week 10.

I want to congratulate all students, parents and staff on navigating another covid interrupted Term. The way so many have been able to maintain focus has been impressive. Well done also to everyone involved in our online Parent Teacher Student Interviews. From what I could see and have heard, the format worked extremely well. I trust there was a good deal of feedback about student progress for you all to reflect on across the break. I know a number of students have been identified as having done really well across this period, and some of them have been selected for enrichment programs upon return to face to face learning. We want to continue this pursuit of academic excellence.

Some students have found out that extended periods of remote learning is very tough. Not everyone has been able to maintain the same level of focus. We know there are a number of students whose confidence in and motivation for learning, has waned. I guarantee you we will address this upon return. Our focus for students in Years 7 to 10 especially, on a return to face to face learning, will be to identify any gaps in learning brought on by your experience in remote learning, and we will fill these gaps and rebuild your confidence.

With the holidays upon us, you have a chance to get off your screens and relax. Hopefully we are given a few more opportunities to get outside and re connect as restrictions ease slightly, now we are 70% single dose vaccinated.

At this stage I have no direction about what Term 4 looks like. We have no advice on what year levels will return, and when. As soon as we do receive information, we will unpack that and publish it to you. Look out for my Compass post and email as restrictions lift and directions on return to face to face learning are made clear. If anyone needs to make contact with the College for support across the holidays please send d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au an email


As part of In relation to the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, all Victorians aged 12 and older are now eligible to book and receive a COVID-19 vaccine at a state vaccination centre, a Commonwealth vaccination centre, or through a GP clinic, pharmacy or community health service.


Vaccination bookings for students can be made for children aged 12 years and older via state vaccination centres, Commonwealth vaccination centres, GP clinics, pharmacies and community health services.

Find a participating Commonwealth vaccination centre, GP, pharmacy or community health service through the Australian Government Eligibility Checker. You can book your appointment online or by calling the vaccine provider nearest to you.  School students can book or change a vaccination appointment at a state vaccination centre through the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine online booking system.

To find a state vaccination centre and opening times, visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au.


Whilst vaccination is not mandatory it is strongly encouraged by the Government. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect our school community from further outbreaks and the spread of COVID-19. The Victorian Government’s aim is to provide an opportunity for all children aged 12 years and older to receive at least one vaccine dose by the end of the school year.


Can I also remind final year students (all Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Units 3/4 students, final year Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), that they, along with their teachers and exam supervisors and assessors have access to priority timeslots to attend their vaccination appointment at a state vaccination centre until Sunday 19 September. The vaccination blitz for final year school students has been extended until Sunday 19 September, following a very strong and positive response from the community in the first week of the blitz.


 For now, thank you for your efforts, I am proud of all of you.

Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers
College Principal


Vivacious VCAL 
As the Senior VCAL year comes to an end, students are in the process of completing the practical assessments as part of their VET courses. We have had students enrolled in Sport and Recreation, Animal Studies, Music Performance, Electrotechnology, Early Childhood Education, Automotive Vocation, IT, Plumbing, Music and Sound Production. While the students have enrolled in a wide variety of courses, each has enjoyed the practical nature of their course and getting their ‘hands dirty’ when they attend their sessions on Wednesday afternoons.
Loren in Year 12, completed her final cooking assessment as part of the Kitchen Operations Course, that she has been studying. Students assembled a dessert plate of meringues with seasonal fruits – a sweet treat indeed.
Congratulations to the VCAL students for their successful completion of the VET subjects.
Amy Lewis
VCAL Coordinator