Weekly Wrap

Dear all,


Welcome to week 9.


Upcoming dates

College Council – Wed 23rd June

Year 8 and 9 Camp – Mon 12th to Fri 16th July

Course Expo – Tues 20th July

College Production – Wed 21st – Fri 23rd July


It is great to hear with the further easing of restrictions that school sport and excursions can proceed once again, and we are hopeful that Year 7 and 8 Winter Sport will take place on Thursday next week. Fortunately, the Year 8 and 9 Camp remains on track also.


Unfortunately, we had to postpone the Year 12 Study Skills Camp to Federation University which was scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week.  The timing in the changes to restrictions prevented us from attending on Thursday and so it has been necessary to re-schedule to a later date so that we can attend both days. It was a difficult decision to reschedule given that we were only one day out from easing restrictions, however we have always maintained a cautious approach to navigating the pandemic and decided that this was the only course of action available to us.


Whilst decisions such as these are disappointing to have to make, the pandemic has taught us to be adaptable and maintain a resilient and positive outlook. We will run a great camp that I am sure the Year 12 cohort will benefit from greatly.   Over the last 18 months there have been several challenges to our routines, particularly during 2020. But we did get through. We found a way to thrive in a manner that showed even in the face of adversity, our community is strong and resilient.


Recent weeks has seen staff completing assessments, constructing feedback, and preparing reports. Listening to feedback and responding positively is not always easy, however I encourage all of our families to review the progress of your children and to examine the strategies they have put in place to continue to do their best in school.


Where there are identified areas for growth, take the feedback on board with the spirit in which it was intended. Our teachers set high standards and we do not apologise for this and whilst we remain supportive and nurturing, all feedback is designed to assist our student’s growth.


Our community certainly has been thrown a curveball or two over the last 18 months and well done to everyone for getting through, for doing your best and for remaining supportive of one another.  Whilst we may continue to come up against challenges, we should draw strength from the manner in which we have handled ourselves of late.  With the most recent easing of restrictions, we can take heart in slowly returning to a more normal way of living.


In the meantime, let us all remain vigilant, keep checking in, keep sanitising, get tested and stay home if we experience symptoms and above all, look out for each other.