Weekly Wrap

Dear all,

Welcome to week 8. With the easing of restrictions it has been exciting to see our students back for face to face learning. We have tried very hard to maintain our calendar of events. At this stage we are still planning to run all of the events below. With the fluidity of the situation, we want to let you all know while we are trying to run everything we can, some late changes may become necessary.


Upcoming dates

Production Camp 11, 12, 13 June

Year 12 Study Camp 17 and 18 June

College Council 23 June

Year 8 and 9 Camp 12 to 16 July

Course Expo 20 July

College Production 21, 22, 23 July


This week we made the decision to run a new Vocational pathway for year 10 students, launching for the 2022 school year. More will become known about this as we hold our Course Expo and counsel students into their 2022 subjects. The Vocational Pathway will provide direct access to The Richmond Football Club and Swinburne University’s Diploma program. This in turn opens opportunities to access a Bachelor course at Swinburne. The Vocational Pathway would enable students to study either Year 11 VCAL or VCE. It will provide access to a more Vocational level of English and Maths, and cater for students who are finding mainstream English and Maths very difficult. Students would also study a VET subject and Year 10 electives. Stay tuned as we release more details.

Kiss and Go Drop off Zone

We are still concerned about how many parents are choosing to drop their children off in the driveway off Mahoneys Road. We can see this creates potential traffic flow issues and a safety risk for all users. The College has secured a “Kiss and Go” drop off zone along Mahoneys Road outside the school fence, for you to use. Our strong preference is that families do not drive down the Mahoneys Road driveway where possible, and that the Hawthorn Road drop off zone and the Mahoneys Road “Kiss and Go” drop off zone are used. I appreciate your support on this significant safety challenge.