Weekly Wrap


Week 8 – Term 2

Having had a wonderfully relaxing long weekend the Forest Hill College community hit the ground running this week on Tuesday with the commencement of mid-year exams. This continued into Wednesday with our Later Years students completing the GAT. It is very affirming to see how diligently our students approach these exams striving to demonstrate their academic learning with a growth mindset and resilience.

Utilising external exam invigilators during this period allows us to easily facilitate the mandated professional practice days, to which each teaching staff member is entitled, with a minimum of disruption to our learning culture. These days give  each teaching staff member has had time to complete planning, collaborating and cross marking of assessments tasks with their colleagues allowing for a very collegiate atmosphere around the College.  Having such a united staff allows us to run sessions such as this week’s Aspire sessions.

Led by Jesse Blowers and organised by Nicole Mauna, these  sessions are designed to reinvigorate our Year 12 students as they enter the final semester of their education and begin their Unit 4 studies. Our students completed sessions on Money Matters with Gary Stone , yoga, boxing, ‘Life after Year 12’ information sessions and heard the motivational speaker, Amy Stanton from the popular television show ‘Survivor’.  A BBQ held at lunchtime  today was a well subscribed but I cannot end this week without mentioning the Year 12 teacher video. Created by Sam Smith and Nicole Mauna, who they  managed to convince a number of staff to participate in our own version of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Look out for this on our Socials, paying particular attention to the highlight of the video, Mr Spokes.