Weekly Wrap


Week 6 – Term 4


DET has also recognised that Forest Hill College has had over 20% of students above benchmark learning growth in Year 7 to 9 Numeracy over four of the last five years. We are one of nine schools in the entire North Eastern Victorian Region to have achieved this.


For the 2020 school year, much planning has gone into identifying individual students who have not grown at benchmark levels, and developing strategies to engage these students more deeply in their learning.


DET has recognised for the first time a link between attitudes towards attendance, a sense of confidence, effort and learning growth. Forest Hill College is one of two schools (Primary and Secondary) who have shown growth across these elements in the entire North Eastern Victorian Region. We are very excited about this growth and the recognition DET are giving our College. There is a clear connection between a student’s mindset and their learning growth. Our work to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum and Positive Education are paying dividends. We are confident that with the reflection and planning our Leadership Team has done, this growth will continue and become even more deeply embedded in our expectations.



On Wednesday this week two FHC students in Year 7, Jarrah and James visited the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, and participated in reading club with the three boys who are transitioning to FHC in 2020. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain cultural insight and understand the challenges and the strengths these boys bring to school each day. We are hopeful to uncover one more family to provide homestay accommodation for the boys. Anyone who is interested should contact me on d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au



Congratulations to FHC student Chelsea (Year 7), who recently won her way into the December Showdown at Melbourne Park. Each December the country’s best players assemble at Melbourne Park for the December Showdown in the lead up to the Australian Open. In 16 days, more than 1500 matches will be played to find out who is the best player across each age group. This places Chelsea in the top 64 tennis players in her age group. This is a massive achievement for Chelsea as she is at the bottom of the age group, and the College is very proud of her.


Finally, last week Chris Grant was one of three finalists for Executive Champion of the Year at the Victorian Public Sector Pride Awards alongside Assistant Commissioner Neil Paterson of Victoria Police (who was awarded on the night) and Anne Congleton of the Department of Health and Human Services. This award recognises an outstanding contribution of someone in a senior position in the Public Sector to LGBTIQ inclusion in the workplace and community. We are incredibly proud of the work Chris has led in this space over many years. He is an outstanding educator, who has been integral in developing a safe and culturally aware environment, where all students can flourish.

Have a great weekend!