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Dear all,

Welcome to the final wrap of the 2021 year.


2021 was a year like no other. We moved in and out of lockdown, spent week after week in remote and flexible learning and cancelled countless events across the year due to Covid. However, it was also a year where the FHC community rallied and stood proud, supporting each other, and finding new ways to do things. We made the decision last year that we were committed to making events happen in a safe way, despite the challenges. We were determined to model a can-do approach, as opposed to a cancel culture.

We are proud to mention that three of our AFL Academy students trained at Waverly Park this week with the Hawthorn Football Club, as part of the partnership the College has with the Hawks (Tonnam Chaikhot, Max Burrell and Adam Thompson. Some of our girls AFL Academy students are off to train with the Richmond AFLW team in February next year also. These opportunities allow our student athletes an opportunity to understand how intense the ultimate level is, and how hard athletes at that level train. We expect these students who have earned these opportunities are able to pass on their experiences to their fellow Academy students when they return.


Our Presentation Night event held last night in the Gym was a stunning celebration of FHC pride. All of the students who received awards are thoroughly deserving of the accolade the College has bestowed upon them. I would like to make a special congratulations to this year’s Dux awards recipients. The Dux award in a school is the pinnacle of academic achievement. It represents the combination of both hard work and talent.

Dux of Year  7 – Lhiana RONDINA

Dux of Year 8 – Jennifer SCHUTZ

Dux of Year 9 – Alexandra HUME

Dux of Year 10 – Ryosuke SHIBUYA

Dux of Year 11 – Hieu Phuong (Alex) KHUAT

The Principal’s awards are made at Year 9 and 12, and these students  have strived for excellence in everything they have attempted throughout their years at the College. They consistently demonstrate our College values and have met all challenges with resilience and dignity.

At Year 9, the Principal’s Award goes to Alexandra Hume

At Year 12, the Principal’s Award goes to Mia Emery

Throughout this challenging year, the level of gratitude extended from our student and parent community towards our great teachers was higher than I have experienced in my teaching career. Never have I been prouder of the community I work in.

I would like to thank the commitment of our great staff throughout the most challenging year I have ever experienced in education. We truly do have great staff, and whilst I know they are tired at the end of two tough years, I also know they have given your children their very best. Thank you, staff.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of our students and parents. To our students, you have inspired us all with your resilience. You have found yourselves cut off from the normal social routines and connections and lost a great deal. But you have tried, you have stayed the course and you have made progress. Thank you and well done.

To our parents, you have shown tremendous gratitude to our staff, and we appreciate that incredibly. You have embraced Zoom meetings, General Office doors that for the first time ever have remained locked during the school day, remote parent teacher conferences and online curriculum. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Our College Council has been wonderfully understanding and supportive. To all of you, thank you. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of outgoing College Councillors, past President, Jenny Silalahi, current President Lyndell Fraser and Siobhan Brady. They have all been an outstanding support and enabled the College to thrive and grow under their leadership.

Whilst we are still learning to navigate Covid, we look forward with hope and optimism, with confidence and expectation that we will be running our College as close to normal as possible from next year. For now, enjoy the break, and bring on 2022. It is going to be awesome! I finish this where I started, never have I been prouder of the community I work in.

Finally, as I sign off for 2021, let’s look forward to a wonderful time across the festive season, to refresh, renew and reconnect.

Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers

College Principal