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Wednesday 6 April  Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Friday 8 April Final Day Term 1

Welcome to week 9!

College Council


To begin, I want to congratulate Rob Nash on his appointment as the new College Council President. He will be supported superbly by Luisa Mackie, who I would also like to congratulate, on her appointment as College Council Vice President

Pat Cronin Foundation


This week we had a visit from the Pat Cronin Foundation. Our Year 8 to 11 students participated in an interactive workshop about the senseless nature of responding violently to situations. The behaviour of Will Smith, as documented in the media earlier in the week set a current platform to discuss options to ensure everyone stays safe.

Update to change of bell times


Last week in The Wrap I announced a change to bell times for Term 2. I have received feedback from our Student Parliament that they would like me to reconsider this. I am currently open to further discussion with our Parliamentarians and if there are any further changes, I will inform the community straight away. This is a wonderful example of how student voice can work. We have a forum for them to have an opportunity to influence decisions made at the College. We are always happy to hear their reflections and input.

Gifted and talented students


It is clear to us at FHC, that there is a deficiency throughout the education system in Australia when it comes to identifying and providing opportunities for students who are gifted and talented. This is particularly true when it comes to students who are gifted in areas that sit outside traditional testing and data collection. The result of this is a significant number of gifted students underperforming. This also potentially impacts the mental health of these students.

At Forest Hill College we recognise the need to provide a structure within our school that caters for the needs of our gifted and talented students beyond our current offerings. We also recognise that giftedness does not just sit within the academic or sporting arenas and, therefore, undertake to actively identify and provide opportunities for students who sit outside these well-defined fields.

I am excited to announce that an academic high-performance program, “FHC Enhance” will be launched in Term 2. We have identified a group of students who have demonstrated excellence in one or more subjects. Their teachers have identified them as being 12+ months ahead in the relevant curriculum strand. Parents stay tuned, for those identified, will be receiving communication in the coming weeks about more specific elements of the program.

Basketball Academy


This week our Basketball Academy participated in two days of “friendly” inter academy competitions at Knox Stadium. They played against several other academies, representing our values well. We are proud of their effort, their professionalism, and the fun they have doing what they do.



Finally, next week we have the Parent Teacher Student Interviews. Our staff are available on Webex and face to face to discuss your child’s academic progress. This is our core business and I urge all of you to book appointments and make the most of the opportunity we provide you. Many teenagers try to keep parents at an arm’s length, but the research indicates that in fact they really appreciate your input, interest, and involvement in their schooling, and they do better because of it.







Academy Experience Morning 2022


Just prior to Open Night 2022, FHC will hold our Annual Academy Experience Morning.


Do you have a motivated and academic student who also excels at Performing Arts, Tennis, Netball, AFL, Basketball or Soccer?  Then FHC could be just the environment you are looking for!


Register here for your student to visit us on Wednesday 27th April.  Meet our coaches, enable your child to spend time in their chosen Academy and chat to Principal David Rogers about the merits of combining elite Academy training with a comprehensive Academic Program.