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Thursday 23 June  Basketball Marathon

Last Day Term 2  Friday 24 June

Dear all,

Welcome to week 8.

Following last week’s full exam schedule, we have been busy writing reports and assessing student work. The reflections staff make on our students are important opportunities for growth. Many students will receive feedback designed to challenge and scaffold them to achieve even higher. Some of course, will digest this effectively and plan to implement new strategies in their learning. Some will find it challenging to hear and difficult to accept.

I hope everyone takes the feedback in the spirit it is intended. Our core business is in inspiring student growth. All feedback is carefully considered and aimed at promoting improvement. As we are half way through the year, I encourage all families to sit down together and discuss how each child has progressed and where they can improve. When we all work together, we can achieve awesome gains and leaning growth.

Students have all commenced new units of work as Semester 2 began this Wednesday. In walking through our classrooms on both Thursday and Friday this week I was highly impressed with the engagement levels of students. Staff introduced new topics after re-establishing learning routines with classes, and it appears that our students have dived head long into this work. Classrooms are buzzing with the noise of engaged students and passionate teachers.

Excursions and events are continuing to take place, creating great opportunities for our students.

Our Unit 3 / 4 Health and Human Development students visited the Melbourne Museum recently lead by Ms Fraser to take part in the Road To Zero, Road Safety Experience Program.  An education visit to Road to Zero comprises two experiences: the Road to Zero Experience Space – an immersive and exploratory gallery showcasing the latest in multi-sensory interactive technologies, and curriculum-linked programs in the purpose-built Learning Studios.

Our VCE Health & Human Development students were guided through the Road to Zero Experience Space at Melbourne Museum using a companion app. They applied their understanding of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and the Sustainable Development Goals to the important issue of road safety.

This week our Year 9 Basketball Academy students participated in the finals of the Basketball Victoria championships. With 2 wins and a loss they played with intensity. Our Senior Boys Tennis Team played off in the State Final on Thursday, and despite a narrow loss, they too, performed very well. To finish second in the State is outstanding. To play with the level of sportsmanship that they did was even more important. Some of our Footy and Soccer Academy students again umpired the local Primary School competitions this Friday. Once again, they did a magnificent job.

The learning, the efforts and the way our staff and students represent themselves and our College really makes me proud to be Principal of such a great community.

Have a great weekend.

David Rogers

College Principal



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