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Wednesday 6 April  Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Friday 8 April Final Day Term 1

Welcome to week 8!


Harmony Day

On Monday the College community ( students and staff) gathered together on our oval to form the word “PEACE”. This was done to raise awareness amongst our community that the day was in fact Harmony Day. Mr Grant addressed the community about cultural diversity, and we followed this up with the release on social media of an aerial image of the word. We have done this over the last half a dozen years on harmony Day, forming words such as respect, unity and harmony. Peace was selected this year as a statement to the world that Forest Hill College stands against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Responding to the Pandemic


With the most recent spike of Covid cases amongst our student community, teachers, students and families have expressed difficulty in catching students up in regard to curriculum and assessment. The Department has confirmed there will be no concessions made for assessment and reporting this year, therefore, the College has put in place some tools and processes to ensure students are supported, active in and accountable for, their learning upon return from any extended absence. To support our students who have to isolate, when a student returns from an extended absence (5 school days or more) their Connect teacher will provide them with and Extended Absence Learning Plan document.


This hard copy planner should be co-constructed by subject teachers and students for each class to discuss what/how to catch up. These agreed outcomes should be actioned by the student within a week (7 days) of return. Communication will be sent home regarding the learning plan and students should attend homework club as a tool achieve their outcomes. After one week, students should return their planner to their Connect teacher (completed or not) for follow up with the relevant support person. If a student has not achieved the agreed outcomes (or made significant steps to achieve) within a week we will look at further ways to support the student and alert the right staff.


Later Years Study Sessions


This week we kicked off our new Study Sessions for Later Years students. Forest Hill College is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals and implement supports to ensure individuals feel they are thriving. As such, we will be implementing fortnightly ‘VCE Study Sessions’ on Thursday afternoons in the Aspire Centre. This is a great opportunity for students to study with peers and benefit from discussions, seek extension and consolidate skills necessary to succeed in Year 12. All students are welcome to attend ‘Masterclass’ style sessions or use these times to make the most of a ‘study club’ style atmosphere. Along with High Performance Mindfulness, we believe opportunities like this go a long way to enhancing and enriching our VCE/ VCAL students’ performance.


Indigenous Education- Homestay needed


We are seeking a family interested in providing a homestay experience for 2 current returning students from remote community in the Northern Territory. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference for a young person. To become a “second home” and advocate for a young person who is striving to achieve a high quality education is a rewarding experience. Families are paid for this experience, and cultural awareness support is provided to enhance the experience.

In 2019, Forest Hill College  become a partner school with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). MITS is a school for indigenous students, that began operations in 2016. It is based out of the Richmond Football Club.

Each year 22 indigenous Year 7 students are relocated to Melbourne to complete their secondary schooling. In Year 7 they board in at Richmond, and receive intensive literacy and numeracy development. From Year 8 they are placed in partner schools, with the students living in homestay accommodation.

We have 2 boys who are currently back home in the NT in community, wanting to return to FHC, since the lockdown of the remote communities has finished, for the remainder of this school year. They will come to Melbourne for each of the last 3 terms of 2022, returning to community for the holiday periods. As homestay host, you would have a chance to also travel to the NT with them as they transition between the NT and Melbourne.

Please contact me on d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au to register your interest.



Proposed Bell Times Changes


Following on from my query in recent Weekly Wraps we have now made the decision that bell times for the remainder of the 2022 academy year will be as follows:


Current Future
Period 1 9.00 -10.10   9.00 -10.10
Recess 10.10 -10.35 10.10 -10.35
Connect 10.35 -10.51 10.35 -10.51
Period 2 10.53 – 12.03 10.53 – 12.03
Break 12.03 – 12.18
Period 3 12.05 – 1.15 12.18 – 1.30
Lunch 1.15 – 2.03    1.30 – 2.03
Period 4 2.03 -3.15    2.03 – 3.15


We feel this change is more in keeping with the structure and routines that students had throughout remote learning, with smaller and more frequent breaks. We hope this will allow students improved access to equipment and refreshment and enabling regular short but invigorating brain breaks.

We are confident that this minor change to the day will have a positive impact on our young people and their outcomes. We will enact this change in Term 2  2022.



Student Activity Day


Year 11 students participated in Activity Day on Monday, that included a “Fit to Drive” program, where the TAC staff taught our students some important facts around road safety and road trauma, in preparation for when they become eligible to get their driver’s license. This was followed up with an information session on the rights of workers in the workforce. As many of our Year 11 students have part time jobs, we wanted to make sure they were aware of their rights as employees. In the afternoon the students participated in some fun games, sports and dancing.


Performing Arts


On Tuesday the Performing Arts Academy visited the Melbourne Zoo.


Why the Zoo you might ask?…..The PA students are currently creating a self-devised monologue using inspiration from an animal. At the Zoo, they were able observe the body language, movement and facial expressions which they documented and have been applying to their scene during our performance workshops this week.  Check out this Meerkat!  So much to observe in one small creature!

Leo Club


On Friday our fortnightly Leo club meeting took place. Leo Club provides a great space for students to connect with others and volunteer their time to enhance the community around them. New members are welcome to join.

The Leo club motto – Leadership, Experience, Opportunity

LEADERSHIP: Leo members acquire skills as project organizers and motivators of their peers.
EXPERIENCE: They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community and the world.

OPPORTUNITY: Leos develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contributions



Performing Arts Working Bee


On Friday 1 April, we will be holding a working bee throughout the school day in the Black Box Theatre. More information to come.



Parents Association Fundraising


As the Parents Association end of Term 1 fundraiser, they are selling Baker’s Delight Hot Cross Buns at $8.00 per 6-pack bag.

The school receives $2 from each bag sold. So, the more bags we sell, the more we receive. You may like to ask your extended families or friends if they would like to buy a bag or more.

Please order through compass canteen’s sitting on the 1st of April to purchase a bag (or bags) of big, delicious hot cross buns.  


  • All Orders must be in by Sunday 27th March 5pm
  • All Hot X Bun bags ordered can be collected by students / families on Friday 1st April between 3.00 – 4.00 pm, in the quadrangle outside the Staffroom.

Any parents who are interested, and available at 2.30 pm to collate and then serve the orders on Friday 1st, please email fhc@fhc.vic.edu.au and we will be in touch shortly.
Thank you for your ongoing support



Open Night 2022


Do you have, or do you know a family who has a student beginning high school in 2023?  Come and visit us for our Annual College Open Night, coming up on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.  Please click here to register your attendance.  Bring your family, siblings, Grandparents and come along to see all that FHC can offer your student!



Academy Experience Morning 2022


Just prior to Open Night 2022, FHC will hold our Annual Academy Experience Morning.


Do you have a motivated and academic student who also excels at Performing Arts, Tennis, Netball, AFL, Basketball or Soccer?  Then FHC could be just the environment you are looking for!


Register here for your student to visit us on Wednesday 27th April.  Meet our coaches, enable your child to spend time in their chosen Academy and chat to Principal David Rogers about the merits of combining elite Academy training with a comprehensive Academic Program.