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Parent Teacher Student Interviews Wednesday 14th September

Last Day Term 3 Friday 16th September

Dear all, on Friday this week it was Wear It Purple Day. This is an important day that speaks to Forest Hill College’s stance to eliminate any form of bullying or discrimination, and promote the fact proactively, that everyone is included at our College.


Wear it Purple is an organisation that was founded in 2010 in response to global stories of bullying and harassment resulting from the lack of acceptance of teenagers’ sexuality or gender identity. Our College is proud to celebrate August 26 as Wear It Purple Day. We value everyone as an individual and support their right to access a great education in a safe environment that enables them to thrive.

While progress has been made on a policy and society level over the past decades, LGBTIQ students still report that school is where they feel the least safe with high levels of bullying, harassment and violence still being reported across the state. For example, in the most recent Writing Themselves In, Victoria Report from 2019, 62.1% of students surveyed reported feeling unsafe at school, and 59.7% reported they frequently heard negative remarks in their school.

At FHC we expect to do better than this and strive to eliminate bullying, harassment, and violence. I am proud of the safe and inclusive culture we have in the College.

We have processes to assist students feel safe, report incidents and follow through with students who behave in a manner inconsistent with our College values. We are also not so naïve as to believe we have a culture where no bullying, harassment and violence occurs.  Unfortunately, like all organisations, sometimes we get it wrong. We acknowledge that at times students do behave in a manner that we do not like.

To any student who has experienced any form of bullying, harassment and violence, on behalf of our community I apologise to you. I also make the pledge that I am committed to providing everyone with a safe environment that everyone can thrive in.

This week I have a couple of reminders to our community.


Just a gentle reminder that phones must go in lockers before the start of the school day and remain there for the duration of the school day. I have noticed that a creep away from this practice is becoming evident. Please don’t end up having a phone on you. This is a State-wide Government introduced rule, introduced because the phones serve as a distraction to learning. In the interests of brining your “A Game” to every class, leave your phones in your lockers.

Sweeping the Sheds

We are very proud to draw on the New Zealand Rugby Team, the AllBlacks, culture of sweeping the sheds as part of our classroom routines. This term is a reference to the culture of humility the All Blacks cultivate. It is expected that you do not leave a mess behind you as you leave a space. We dedicate 2 minutes at the end of every class to pack up and leave a room better than when we entered it. This means we turn off lights and equipment that use power, we put rubbish in the bin, and we push pour chairs in. I would like to believe we also carry this philosophy into recess, lunchtime, and the yard. I have been pleased to see students putting rubbish in bins, yet also disappointed to see some dropping rubbish on the ground. I hope this serves as a gentle reminder to have the humility to consider others and make sure all rubbish is placed in the many bins provided.

Spirit of Spectres Awards

On Sunday, several our FHC students, and FHC Basketball Academy participants, received the coveted Nunawading Basketball, Spirit of Spectres award.

One player from each Nunawading representative team is awarded the Spirit of Spectres, as an individual that embodies hard work, application, contributes to the team and is passionate in representing the Spectres program.  We congratulate the following students and commend them on their hard work and determination in their chosen sport.

Jamaal Duhovic

James Cavenett

Billy Creelman

Norrin Scott

Nathan DiCesare

Grade 5’s visit FHC

This week saw the Grade 5’s from Orchard Grove Primary School visit FHC to experience the wide world of STEAM & Science.  It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and excitement as the cohort took on projects such as coding an Earthquake Detector.  So far, we are pleased to announce there were no rumblings detected!  Congratulations to Ms Hendrickson, Mr Hutchings and team for arranging a fantastic afternoon.


Last week our Tribe Leaders ran Games Week with different activities taking place each day at lunchtime where points were awarded for participation and positive contributions.

Congratulations to the following students who were identified for the Positive Contributors Awards:

Brynn – Year 7- Blue Tribe

Jayson – Year 7 – Red Tribe

Najeeb – Year 7 – Green Tribe

Caitlan – Year 11 – Blue Tribe

Vahe – Year 12 – Blue Tribe


The final points gathered through Games Week were:

Yellow- 1060

Blue- 995

Green- 960

Red- 830


The amazing effort of students through Games Week have changed the overall results which have seen Blue overtake Red at the top of the table and Yellow close the gap on Green:

Blue – 4428

Red – 4407

Green – 4300

Yellow – 4013


Next week is Mystery Week- so keep an eye out on Compass for ways you can add to your Tribe’s points.


Our Great Community – Wear It Purple Day

A big shout out to our fantastic Parent’s Association who organised today’s sausage sizzle at lunchtime in celebration of Wear It Purple Day.  We had a great turn out of volunteer parents who cooked and served a very grateful crowd of hungry students at lunch time.  We appreciate your efforts, thank you!



Intermediate Interschool Sport 

On Tuesday 23rd August, a number of year 9 and 10 students represented Forest Hill College in the sports of Basketball, Table Tennis and Hockey at the Mullum Division Intermediate sport competition. Whilst Basketball and Hockey had a rocky start, eventually all students were able to demonstrate their skills which they had been practising during lunchtimes in the weeks prior. All students should be commended on their efforts and a big thank you to the staff who accompanied the teams on the day. A special congratulations goes to the Mixed/Boys Intermediate A Basketball team who won and will progress through to the EMR round which will be held in October.  Well done everyone. 


Art Immersion

This week our Year 9/10 Art of Artistry students headed into the National Gallery of Victoria.  This excursion provided the class with a fruitful learning experience which encompassed how art is exhibited in a museum, interpretation of artworks and a look at different contemporary art movements street Art.   The day ended in a visit to Hosier Lane – one of our city’s most visited locations on the Melbourne art scene.



We would love to congratulate FHC Staff Member and AFL Academy Coach, Damian Mascitti of the Box Hill Hawks, as he was selected as part of the 40-man squad for the VFL Team of the Year.

The final team will be announced at the VFL and VFLW Awards night on the 12th of September.