Weekly Wrap


Welcome to Week 7.


This week our staff participated in Professional Learning on embedding the use of Character Strengths in their classrooms and curriculum. Positive Education is the glue that binds our culture together and Character Strengths form a key foundation of Positive Education. We are indeed very fortunate to have employed Adrienne Baucke, Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, to the College. Adrienne leads this work, building staff capacity and introducing programs to grow students understanding.


Harmony Week- “Everyone Belongs”

Harmony Week 2021- 22 March

Harmony Week is an important annual event on our College calendar. It’s a chance for us to celebrate the diversity of our College community and learn about the culture and history of the many people who make up our school.

This year we are marking Harmony Week starting on Monday 22 March with a Smoking Ceremony and the official re-opening of our William Barak Learning Centre. We are privileged to announce that a Wurundjeri Elder will join us for the Smoking Ceremony, which is a traditional custom of cleansing and promotion of wellbeing for the Wurundjeri people, on whose land we learn.

In the coming weeks we will continue to share learning around William Barak and ways we can continue to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history in our community.


Council Nomination Process

Two weeks ago I posted on Compass that nominations had opened for the 2021 College Council year. I am pleased to report that Jenny Silalahi, Rob Nash, Wendy Watson, Luisa Mackie and Siobhan Brady have been returned to Council for the 2021 school year.


Open Evening

Forest Hill College is an exciting place to be. In 2020 the College Year 12 cohort delivered the finest VCE results achieved since 2012. Our Dux scored a stunning 99.35. The quality of our teachers, our documented online curriculum and the amazing efforts of a wonderful student population meant we were able to navigate the challenges Covid set us extremely well.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to attend our Open Evening, scheduled for Tuesday 4th May, to deepen your understanding of the powerful culture at the College.  This event is a fun and interactive way of touring our College and we encourage both parents and children to come along on the night.  Registration for this even will be open from next week.

Academy Experience Morning

We had an fantastic group of Grade 5 & 6 students attend the College this morning to attend our Academy Experience sessions.

These sessions are a great way for prospective students and their parents to visit the College, connect with coaches and see for themselves how their chosen Academy will fit in with their sporting and academic future.

Fathering Project


Last week in the Wrap I wrote that Forest Hill College is committed to building closer connections with all members of our community. We know that “it takes a village to raise a child.” In the coming weeks we will be launching a new innovation, called “The Fathering Project.”

The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids. The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs, and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures. 

The Fathering Project In Schools is about giving kids the best fathers and father-figures they can have. Within schools, the Fathering Project works with both staff and fathers, supporting them to build their community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids. Studies show that the cumulative effect of improved fathering can influence a number of positive outcomes across the board including:


  • Improved child development
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Improved school results
  • Improved functionality of at-risk families
  • Reduced substance abuse
  • Reduced crime
  • Reduced suicide & self-harm.


I was encouraged last week to receive initial interest; however, I am keen for more. Dads who are interested to help get this off the ground at FHC are welcome to email and register their interest via d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au

Have a great weekend,

David Rogers