Weekly Wrap


Dear all,

Welcome to week 6. After 6 busy weeks at school, with sport and excursions returning following the snap lockdown, we are all ready for a long weekend.

Assessment Schedule

Earlier this week the College released our new and revamped Assessment Policy and Grading Scale on Compass. Upon feedback from students, teachers, and the wider school community, the FHC Assessment Policy and Grading Scale has been refined for 2021 onwards.
The rationale for the changes is based on our continued efforts to promote rigor, growth mindset and a love of learning that is viewed as a continuous process for our students. The new grading scale, and percentage ranges are as follows:

Advanced (90-100%) – Sophisticated understanding and application of content.
Extended (80-89%) – Detailed and comprehensive understanding and application of content.
Established (60-79%) – Competent and sound understanding and application of content and skills.
Consolidating (50-59%) – Rudimentary understanding and application of content.
Developing (0-49%) – Working toward demonstrating understanding and application of content and skills. Student is required to resubmit task in consultation with teacher.
Not Submitted – Student did not submit the task within the allocated time frame, or at all.

Learning Catch Up

Across the last week we have identified a cohort of students who we have decided to offer an opportunity to participate in some tutoring at the College to assist them catch up on learning that they may have missed out on as a result of the impact of Covid last year. Letters will be going home to families with the offer and the program should be commencing with tutoring next week. The program will be led by Milly Dillon who has stepped into a Leading Teacher Role, Excellence and Equity, for this semester.

Swimming Carnival

The College Swimming Carnival, postponed as a result of the snap lockdown, was held on Wednesday of this week. Our carnival is so much more than a swimming event.


Students and Staff put a lot of time into preparing games and activities to do outside of the actually swimming pool. The event was well attended and turned out to be one every person felt grateful for. It was a chance to spend time with friends, and make new connections.  Congratulations to Green Tribe – overall winners of the day.

Open Evening

Forest Hill College is an exciting place to be. In 2020 the College Year 12 cohort delivered the finest VCE results achieved since 2012. Our Dux scored a stunning 99.35. The quality of our teachers, our documented online curriculum and the amazing efforts of a wonderful student population meant we were able to navigate the challenges Covid set us extremely well.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to attend our Open Evening, scheduled for Tuesday 4th May, to deepen your understanding of the powerful culture at the College.

If you would like to discuss our Sport & Performing Arts Academies further, please don’t hesitate to contact the Director of our Sport & Performance, Andy Christie on a.christie@fhc.vic.edu.au

If you would like your child to experience our  Academies in order to better understand how it all works, please don’t hesitate to contact Andy. Our FHC Academy Experience Morning is scheduled for Friday 12th March, where students and parents can meet our coaches and participate in a training session. To book in please click here.

Fathering Project

Forest Hill College is committed to building closer connections with all members of our community. We know that “it takes a village to raise a child.” In the coming weeks we will be launching a new innovation, called “The Fathering Project.”

The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids. The Fathering Project delivers resources, programs, and events specific to the engagement style and needs of dads and father-figures. The Fathering Project In Schools is about giving kids the best fathers and father-figures they can have. Within schools, the Fathering Project works with both staff and fathers, supporting them to build their community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids. Studies show that the cumulative effect of improved fathering can influence a number of positive outcomes across the board including:

·         Improved child development

·         Improved health outcomes

·         Improved school results

·         Improved functionality of at-risk families

·         Reduced substance abuse

·         Reduced crime

·         Reduced suicide & self-harm.

Dads who are interested to help me get this off the ground at FHC are welcome to send me an email on d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au to register their interest.