Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Friday 19 November Year 12 Final Assembly

Monday 22 November Year 2022 Commences

Wednesday 24 November Year 7 Camp

Tuesday 7 December Orientation Day

Thursday 9 December Presentation Night

Wednesday 15 December Valedictory Dinner

Welcome to week 5.

This was a short but fantastic week. We finally saw everyone back on site engaged in face to face learning. Our students are all participating in 1 on 1 conferences with all of their teachers, to determine how they went in remote learning, what progress they made and what specific gaps may exist in the knowledge and skills. We will then use this information to influence how and what we deliver through Year 2022, when it begins in late November. The focus of that 3 weeks will be learning catch up and extension. Year 12, 2022 students will all commence 3 weeks of next years curriculum in that time.

As we are now back onsite Café Oggi has returned to full onsite lunchtime operations in our canteen. Of course online ordering is still available.

This Saturday, the Uniform Shop is again open as well for those much needed new uniform items post Covid.  New shop hours are Saturdays, 10am – 1pm and Tuesdays 8am – 11am.

Have a great weekend.


Stay safe, stay strong.

David Rogers

College Principal