Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Parent Teacher Student Interviews Wednesday 14th September

Last Day Term 3 Friday 16th September

This week our staff spent Friday working together to further refine our College curriculum. I have always advocated that one of the most vital pillars of a great school is the full documentation of the school’s curriculum. We regularly spend time reflecting on what works and what could be better. We aim to give all students regardless of their academic level the ability to access our curriculum.


I am often asked how our College caters for students at, above or below expected academic levels. I am proud to respond that our curriculum aims to inspire and engage students, to stretch and challenge them and to scaffold their growth and achievement in a supportive environment.

We complement this with an enhancement program that a number of students participate in, provide access to early start VCE from as early as Year 9, weekly Homework Club and our Tutoring Program.


The work accomplished by staff this Friday around curriculum was aimed at refinement and improvement. Curriculum can’t stand still, it is never “done” or “complete”.  The team also worked on our Learning Culture, under the guidance of FHC staff member and Positive Education Learning Specialist, Adrienne Baucke. They focused on how to use student strengths to engage and build relationships with other students.


Great teaching relies on the ability to generate meaningful relationships, to inspire and motivate and create a sense of belonging. When we combine the wonderful curriculum with a deep understanding of how positive relationships impact students, powerful learning takes place.

We thank our community for their understanding of how important Curriculum Days are in building great outcomes for students. Thank you for allowing us to quarantine that time to do such vital work.


I am proud to announce that FHC student athlete, Charlie Brady from our Tennis Program has been selected by School Sports Victoria to represent Victoria and our College in the Pizzey Cup in Perth later this month. This is a wonderful achievement by Charlie, who has worked very hard on his tennis. Charlie hopes to secure a scholarship to a US College for next year as he completes Year 12 this year.

On Wednesday this week our Under 15 Basketball Team competed in the Basketball Victoria State Championships. We are proud to be able to announce that despite being undersized and “on paper” outgunned for talent, we qualified into what is known as the “Elite 8”. Our team put it all on the line, making clutch baskets under pressure, out playing more fancied opponents, and ultimately triumphing by qualifying for the finals, as one of the best 8 School Basketball Teams in Victoria.


Congratulations to Year 7 student, Isla B who last weekend, competed in her first Australian National Karate Championships in Rockhampton QLD, taking out a silver medal.  Isla, a black belt and  member of the Blackburn Karate Club, has been working hard, training with the Victorian State team for the last 18 months.  A great achievement Isla!

On Thursday this week we found out that Soccer Academy star, Stacey Giannakopoulos was selected into the Victorian State Team to compete in the Football Australia National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour in September.  This is a great achievement.  Well done Stacey.

Week Five Tribe Points Update


Red- 3207

Blue- 2963

Green- 2830

Yellow- 2523


Where do Tribe Points come from?

As well as points for being involved in Athletics and Swimming Days, Tribe Points are also earned through student involvement in the College community. Examples include events like Production, Interschool Sports, Leos Club, contributing to Year Level Days and generally being part of the community. You could earn your Tribe up to 10 points depending on the type of event you are involved in (volunteering and going above and beyond earns more points). Students who receive Positive Engagement and Learning Outcome Awards also add 10 points each to their Tribe tally.


It truly has been a magnificent week at FHC.


Stay safe, stay strong