Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Monday 13 June  Queens Birthday

Thursday 23 June  Basketball Marathon

Last Day Term 2  Friday 24 June

Welcome to week 4.


This week we had our Year 7 Camp, held down at Camp Manyung on the Mornington Peninsula. The camp was a great success, and for the second week running FHC held a camp, in a covid safe way, and gave our students the rich experience attached to our co-curricular program that has been missing through remote learning.



The College is doing everything it can to maintain a normal schedule of curricular and co-curricular activities. Our community has enjoyed a return to the normal schedule, and we are absolutely committed to maintaining it. Unlike other schools, we will not be altering this position. Students need the diverse array of activities FHC offers them. For way to long they have suffered through the Pandemic, experiencing cancelled classes and cancelled events. This is not the FHC way.

As I write this, we have at least 6 CRT staff in supporting us deliver the curriculum. We have staff out on sport, a visit to the Museum and of course, away with illness. Planning for the Basketball Marathon is well under way, and we are slowly looking more like a normal version of ourselves again. Maintaining consistent structures, processes and routines is very challenging though, when every day you have a number of CRT staff coming into the College to teach, who have never been inside our grounds before. These staff are a vital element of maintaining a normal schedule when you still experience a high volume of pandemic related staff and student absence.

Many of the great, yet intangible strengths of our staff lie in the delivery of the curriculum. They know and are great at, establishing and maintaining highly effective relational teaching routines. I have observed, on my return from Florida, the impact of Covid, still manifesting in our schools. A chronic shortage of staff, has resulted in DET executives teaching in schools today, as reported in the Herald Sun. This lack of familiarity and rapport that exists inevitably between replacement staff and students is not as effective in delivering curriculum as that which exists with the brilliant regular FHC staff. Having said that, we are doing our best to support the delivery of the curriculum and maintain normality, in a very challenging time. The Pandemic is not quite over, and we are still navigating tricky times. Your support and understanding are appreciated.


This week our College celebrated our tenth annual IDAHOBIT- the International Day Against LGBTIQ+ Discrimination with a week of lunchtime events and activities. IDAHOBIT is an important date on our calendar- it typifies the work all members of our community put in to ensure Forest Hill College is a safe and welcoming learning space for all. Students from our Stand Out with Pride group worked with staff to organise and run activities each day including artistic design sessions, a pride flag raising, a giant rainbow pledge against discrimination out of post-it notes, a book fair in the library and a number of competitions, games and fundraising for Beyond Blue and Minus 18.


We are also pleased to announce that Isaiah and Cliffton, our students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition Program returned to FHC this week. We are grateful to the 5 families who responded to my urgent call for a short-term homestay, however, we are still looking for a homestay family to support this powerful program beyond this term. The program is fully funded, and if you can support us and play a key role in our reconciliation plan, we would love to hear from you.

Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers

College Principal