Weekly Wrap

Dear all,


Welcome to week 3. The end of lockdown. The return to face-to-face learning. Farewell to the class of 2021.


As I start writing this, I can’t help but be emotional. I am relieved, excited, and nervous. Relieved that we are seeing our wonderful students and staff back onsite in bigger numbers now. Excited that we can resume life as normal, albeit in a covid-safe way. Nervous, because we haven’t seen so many people in one space for a long time. That will take some adjustments.


I am proud, and I am sad. Sad to say farewell to such a magnificent group of young people, our Class Of 2021. Proud of the way they have been developing across 6 years at FHC, but so incredibly proud of how they have pivoted and shown incredible resilience. They have lost much but gained somuch as well. They leave an indelible positive legacy. The time I have spent personally with so many of them across their final year is something I cherish, and list as one of the highlights of my career.

2020 and 2021 have been tough, but Forest Hill College can hold its collective heads high because of who we are, what we stand for and how we have become stronger as a community through this period of time. Instead of writing more, I really want the words in this wrap to resonate and not get lost. Well done, I am so proud of every member of this great community. Enjoy your weekend.


Stay safe, stay strong.


David Rogers

One very proud College Principal