Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Student Free Day Friday 12th August

Parent Teacher Student Interviews Wednesday 14th September

Last Day Term 3 Friday 16th September

Welcome to week 3.

Koori Youth Campfire Conversation


This week Forest Hill College was proud to host a Campfire Conversation for all of the indigenous students in the Victorian Inner East Secondary schools. More than 25 students arrived, accompanied by staff from their schools to participate in a forum designed to inform our practice moving forwards in relation to closing the gap for indigenous students in education.

Former AFL star Eddie Betts assisted the facilitation of the conversation. As educators it was wonderful to watch connections between students at different schools begin. We plan to maintain these connections through a range of activities. Culture and connection are such a powerful part of meeting the needs of indigenous students in education. There are several challenges for all of our schools to embed language and culture deeper into the curriculum. Indigenous students are overrepresented in student absence data, and we must address this matter urgently.

Uniform Review


The July Council meeting was held this week. One of the items discussed was that in August this year, in line with our Uniform Policy, we are due for a uniform review. We received a letter from a parent informing us of this and we have been able to respond to the parent letting them know this was in our cycle of continual review. Calls for interested members of the community to participate in this process will be going out soon. If you are interested, I would encourage you to register your interest when the call goes out. Seeking the views and input from our community is something we value highly.



The College is considering the introduction of a STEAM Academy. This week a team of staff and a consultant with expertise in STEAM continued planning curriculum, with a view to building what we offer to incorporate a STEAM Academy, running much like our Sport and Performing Arts Academy does.



Covid continues to pose unique challenges to schools. Across the first 3 weeks of term we have seen a steady number of cases, without any major impact, however we had had some challenges maintaining continuity of staffing in our General Office. We are excited to welcome a new Administration Assistant on Monday next week. Hopefully this will go a long way to covering some staff absences that covid has caused.




It has been fantastic to hold our Course Expo, Production and the Basketball Marathon. Seeing our community back together has been wonderful. I am aware of a number of schools who have not been able to hold such events. We thank our community for getting vaccinated and for testing and isolating as required. We have an abundant supply of RAT tests available at the general Office should any family require more. RAT testing is a really effective way to assist our community keep covid at bay

Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers

College Principal



The 20th, 21st and 22nd of July saw our wonderful and dedicated students put on our 2022 college production of “All Shook Up”. The performances, seen by over 1,000 of our community members, included primary schools, family, and friends and was received with smiles, laughter, and multiple standing ovations! We finished up on Saturday the 23rd with our traditional “bump out” of all sets, costumes, props and technical equipment as well as a presentation to share our thanks and congratulations with cast and crew.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a very special thank you to the parents and friends of cast members that helped make the bump out process so incredibly seamless. Mark Hayes, David Mclean, Jeremy Thorburn, Kaisha Gurry and Jack Thomas gave up time on their weekend to assist. With our, what I now like to refer to as, “Dad’s with Drills” team the set was broken down, packed up and put away in a matter of minutes. Whilst Kaisha facilitated the change rooms and side of stage areas leaving them positively sparkling!

I can not thank our students, staff, Parents Association, and wider Forest Hill community enough for supporting us throughout the year to help make “All Shook Up” such a success. We are already looking towards next year’s production (I know, so soon?) using the momentum we have gathered and cannot wait to begin our next quest… perhaps the knights of the round table can lend a hand…?

Until then, always look on the bright side of life!

Kate Wilkinson

Director of Arts