Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Monday 16 May  Year 7 Camp

Monday 13 June  Queens Birthday

Thursday 23 June  Basketball Marathon

Last Day Term 2  Friday 24 June

Welcome to week 3.

I am back in Melbourne and excited to be back at my desk as of today. It is clear that Nicky and the team have done an excellent job in my absence. I want to thank her for the work she did to enable me to compete in Florida, confident the College was in excellent hands. I am sure you would all join me in thanking and congratulating her on a job well done. Over to Nicky for a wrap up of week 3……..



Once again, another busy week at Forest Hill College.


Congratulations to all our Year 7 and 9 students on the successful completion of Naplan. Whilst we recognise that Naplan only gives us a snapshot of student capacity we are looking forward to being able to use this data to inform our teaching and learning in the future.  I am confident that our results this year will be our best yet, because of the calibre of both students and staff at our College. Results are usually made available during Term 3 and we will update our community at that time.



Our Year 21 cohort have spent 3 days at Allambee Camp this week, participating in some fun activities and some study sessions in preparation for the upcoming VCE exams in October. And our teaching staff have undertaken more training in our Instructional Model led by Leading Teacher (Pedagogy) Jesse Blowers.


Our extension tutoring program is now in action with Dr Kent withdrawing identified students to help them achieve outstanding results in all aspects of their learning. He will also be organising for external opportunities for students to enhance their understandings and connection with their passions. Please look out for an email outlining the areas in which your student will be extended.


Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Dave back and to thank the staff at FHC for their support across the 2 weeks while Dave has been overseas. I am grateful to be surrounded by such hard working, dedicated teachers and know that the successful outcomes our students receive could not be achieved without their passion. Thank you