Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

College Production  Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July

Student Free Day Friday 12th August

Parent Teacher Student Interviews Wednesday 14th September

Last Day Term 3 Friday 16th September

Dear all,

Welcome to week 2.

Week Two Tribe Points Update

 Red- 2763

Blue- 2649

Green- 2488

Yellow- 2177

Where do Tribe Points come from?

As well as points for being involved in Athletics and Swimming Days, Tribe Points are also earned through student involvement in the College community. Examples include events like Production, Interschool Sports, Leos Club, contributing to Year Level Days and generally being part of the community. You could earn your Tribe up to 10 points depending on the type of event you are involved in (volunteering and going above and beyond earns more points). Students who receive Positive Engagement and Learning Outcome Awards also add 10 points each to their Tribe tally.

This week saw the return of masks to our classrooms. Late on Monday, I received the news. Whilst we all want the pandemic to disappear, it is our reality that we still need to exercise self-caution and take responsibility for our health. I want to thank everyone for doing their bit to keep our community safe.


This week also saw us mark two outstanding moments for the College.


Firstly, on Wednesday I had the privilege of attending the Premiers VCE Awards Ceremony to watch Laura Watson be presented with her Premiers Award. A Premiers Award is awarded to students who have achieved near to, or in fact, perfect scores across their VCE coursework and exams. Laura achieved this in 2021 as a Year 11 student studying a Year 12 subject. Along with Laura’s parents, I attended the event at the Melbourne Convention Centre.


The annual Premier’s VCE Awards recognise the top-performing students in the state. This year, 298 students across 90 subjects were recognised with awards for their outstanding results.Laura brings great strengths to her school work. Like us all, Laura has also faced many challenges across her school life, confronting them with outstanding work ethic, determination and inner self belief. She is a young lady whose resilience is limitless and serves as an inspiration to all within our community. I would also like to congratulate her teacher, Lisa Janssen, who was an integral component in Laura’s success. Lisa is an outstanding teacher, and I thank and congratulate her on this achievement as well.

Last night (with the final show tonight – buy tickets here), we finally performed our long awaited musical, “All Shook Up”. Following the setbacks to our productions brought on by Covid, with lockdowns and remote learning,  the show came to life with extraordinary performance.


Credit must go to our students and staff who have shown wonderful persistence, resilience and optimism throughout 2 very challenging years. They never lost sight of the possibility that one day they would again grace the Kel Watson Theatre stage and put on a show of enormous quality.  See photos below.


I want to celebrate this wonderful spirit. Whilst the pandemic has been very tough, we have watched this generation adapt and rise to the challenge. These characteristics will stand them in good stead into the future, I am certain.


To the staff who have led this performance and put their heart and soul into it, to enable the students to achieve what they have, I say “thank you”. Our school is blessed to have staff who are so committed to ensuring our students have the best possible chance of achieving success.


It truly has been a magnificent week at FHC


Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers

College Principal