Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 26 April  Whole School Assembly

Tuesday 3 May  Open Night

Monday 9  May –  Wednesday 13 May  Naplan Testing

Monday 11 May  Year 12 Camp

Monday 16 May  Year 7 Camp

Monday 13 June  Queens Birthday

Thursday 23 June  Basketball Marathon

Last Day Term 2  Friday 24 June

Welcome to week 10, our final week before a well-deserved break.


Parent Teacher Student Interviews

This week we held our Parent Teacher Student Interviews, with in excess of 1200 actual interviews, we were really happy with the number of families who checked in on their child’s progress. We are pleased with the academic progress across the first Term. Of course, we have had challenges, being the first full face to face Term since 2019, but overwhelmingly, we are excited with what our students have achieved.


On Sunday this last week, students from our City Experience Class and our Leo Club volunteered their time to cook and serve a meal to the homeless at Mitcham Community Meal.  A big thank you also to our staff members Jane & Kim for the preparation and planning that went into the night.  We have had some very kind feedback from MCM and we look forward to seeing them again soon.


Leo Club

Today was the culmination of many hours of selling raffle tickets and a wonderful lunchtime sausage sizzle run by the FHC Leo Club.  Congratulations to our students and a big thank you to staff members Chrissie and Adrienne – the Easter Raffle and Sausage sizzle raised over $400 after costs and very excitingly, this will be matched by Bendigo Bank!  All proceeds from this event will go towards our amazing school library and the purchase of new books…..great for the Premiers Reading Challenge!


Working Bee for the FHC Arts

This Term we have been able to hold working bees to assist the enhancement of the Black Box Theatre, Instrumental Music Rooms and the Strength and Conditioning spaces. Additional acoustic panels were installed in the Black Box Theatre and the Instrumental Music rooms, they not only sound better they look fantastic! The Strength & Conditioning rooms received some welcome additional equipment. To enable this to happen we gratefully acknowledge the volunteer labor of our community and the generosity of parents, who have made donations into the Sport and Performing Arts academies. Your money has been well invested into improving our already excellent spaces for your children



Bell Times

It was a wonderful, humbling experience to meet with representatives from our student Parliament this week about the changes to Bell times I announced recently. It was felt by Student Parliament that the impact of a reduced lunchtime will

  • Negatively impact the provision of time for students to study during the new lunchtime
  • Students would not have enough time to sit a redemption under the new proposal at lunchtime
  • Students would find canteen lines would erode break time to the point they may get very little break to eat lunch with a shortened lunch time.
  • Students were not necessarily against the idea of shortening lunch, but not by as much as proposed. They also support a longer break between period 2 and 3, but not as long as proposed.
  • Foods classes often run up to 15 minutes into lunch, reducing break time for students and staff to a very small time
  • Extra-curricular activities would not have enough time to run meaningfully in the new shorter lunch period.


As a direct result of their feedback, I can now announce that we are adjusting the changes I made to ensure the following is not impacted. We have maintained a longer break between period 2 and 3 as most people thought this was positive. We have reinstated a longer lunchtime, but not returned it to its previous length. We believe that this model, as suggested by Student Parliament, meets the needs and wants of more members of the College.


Current mins Future mins
Period 1 9.00-10.10 70 9.00-10.10 70
Recess 10.10 – 10.35 25 10.10 – 10.35 25
Connect 10.35 -10.51 16 10.35 -10.51 16
Period 2 10.53 – 12.03 70 10.53 – 12.03 70
Break 12.03 -12.13 10
Period 3 12.05 1.15 70 12.13 -1.23 70
Lunch 1.15 – 2.03 48 1.23 – 2.03 40
Period 4 2.05 – 3.15 70 2.03- 3.13 70



We look forward to trialing this in the first 4 weeks of Term 2. At the end of that period, we will again review it. I congratulate Student Parliament on their mature, insightful, and respectful conduct through this period of time. It is no secret they did not like my initial decision. However, they spoke with such great insight, seeking a compromise that met the needs of as many as possible.


On Thursday of this week during Connect, our Year 12 students participated in an Easter egg hunt. This was the first time in many years they have done something like this. It was a source of great joy for the students and staff, and in these times, you can never underestimate the importance of joy.


Junior Academy

In Term 2, we will be launching a Grade 4, 5 and 6 Academy in Performing Arts, AFL/ AFLW, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. This is a unique opportunity for Primary aged children to access our high-performance staff. It will be held on Wednesdays at 4pm, with a view to starting in week 3 of Term 2. If you have Primary aged students, please let them know, and if you know of families who would be interested, please tell them.


Finally, thanks for supporting our College this Term, together we are achieving great things.


We know how important a powerful partnership with our families is, and we thank you for everything you do to challenge and support the students. I want to express my gratitude to all my staff for their incredible work across the Term. There have been so many outstanding learning opportunities as documented here through the Wrap each week. These happen through the dedication and passion of our great staff. To all in the community, please enjoy a wonderful break. I am on leave competing in a tennis tournament in the USA for the first 2 weeks of Term 2. In my absence, Nicky Buckingham will take on the role of Acting Principal.


I will see you all on my return.