Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 3 May  Open Night

Monday 9  May –  Wednesday 13 May  Naplan Testing

Monday 11 May  Year 12 Camp

Monday 16 May  Year 7 Camp

Monday 13 June  Queens Birthday

Thursday 23 June  Basketball Marathon

Last Day Term 2  Friday 24 June

Welcome back to Term 2, and what a start to the term! This week we have celebrated Anzac, sent Dave off to represent Australia and had a teacher receive an award. What a week!


Firstly, I wanted to express how proud our community is of Dave as he travels to Florida to represent Australia in the ITF World Tennis Championships. Despite the challenges Covid has presented, Dave has continued to train- using many and varied means. For some time during lockdown Dave was using a concrete wall as a training partner that he referred to as Mr Con Crete.  His grit and resilience is inspiring and I know we all wish him safe travels and the best of luck in his endeavours.


Another member of our team who received recognition for effort this week is Emma Enticott. Emma is an English teacher who has received a Rising Star award with The Educator.


The Educator was looking for “young professionals with outstanding leadership, initiative and passion, expertise, innovative approach to teaching and learning, and vision – all necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving education landscape”.

We are very proud Emma has been chosen for this award, and grateful the excellent teaching and learning that takes place in all our classrooms every day is being recognised by the wider community.

To continue our theme of pride in our school this week, our Anzac Day assembly allowed us to express gratitude and pride in our fallen heroes. It is wonderful to see our young people taking time to commemorate this important moment in Australia’s history. We can only hope that the lessons learned through war can be remembered and that the conflict in Ukraine comes to a swift resolution with peace being restored as soon as possible.

We also took the opportunity to formally congratulate our Class of 2021 High Achievers.  These young people had 2 years of Covid restrictions to contend with on top of the usual stresses and strains of Year 12. As we congratulated them I could not help but feel a huge sense of pride in the achievements of our community as we, not only supported them through the most unusual time for the whole of Victoria, but also saw them receive results that continue to demonstrate our continued growth and improvement as a school. Other schools I have spoken to are not able to say the same.  So no matter what role you play in our community, parent, sister, brother, grandparent, teacher, cleaner, facilities manager, let’s all take a moment to express gratitude or our wonderful young people and to give ourselves a pat on the back. Together we have created a great school, great community and most importantly great students.

Have a great week everyone.

Nicky Buckingham

Top Study Scores 

Abbas Q  Accounting
Matthew N  Accounting
Hieu Phuong K  Biology
Amelia F  Business Management
Sathwik P  Chemistry
Ngoc Cat Tuong T  EAL
Mia E  English
Quy Lam N  Further Mathematics
James M  Health
Madeline M  History
Matthew N  Legal Studies
Abbas Q  Mathematical Methods
Ngoc-Minh D  Mathematical Methods
Thomas M  Media
Ruby K  Media
James M  Physical Education
Matthew N  Physics
Abbas Q  Physics
Mia E  Psychology
Maddison E  Studio Arts
Iefan G  VCD
Hayley M  VET: Sport & Recreation



Most growth in Year 12 2021


Summer D  Media
Koen M  Chemistry
Ethan F  English
Ngoc Cat Tuong T  EAL
Khanh Linh N  EAL
Aidan D  VET: Sport & Recreation
Thi Thu Hien N  Mathematical Methods
Benjamin B  Mathematical Methods
Kaiwen Z  Further Mathematics
Isabella T  Biology
Alexandra V  Psychology
Oriel M  Physical Education
Lily B  Mathematical Methods
Koen M  VCD
Abhay A  EAL
Lily B  English
Talon H  English
Stuart M  Physical Education