Weekly Wrap


Welcome to Week 9.

One of the three goals of our College in 2021 is to develop a more connected community. To support this goal, one of the strategies we will implement is to develop a partnership with the Fathering Project.

Founded in 2013 by Professor Bruce Robinson in Western Australia, The Fathering Project has since expanded operations to New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Since foundation, The Fathering Project has developed a research arm, a library of fathering tips and resources and a core Dads Group program that works with schools to engage fathers and father-figures across Australia.

They work through a research backed and preventative approach to improving the lives of children, by engaging fathers and father-figures – inspiring and equipping them to be the best they can be. In 2014, Professor Bruce Robinson was named West Australian of the Year for his work across medical studies, and with The Fathering Project. In June 2019 The Fathering Project was recognised as the Western Australian Men’s Health Award Winner, after having received endorsement and a $5.4m funding boost from the Federal Government in January.


The Fathering Project in Schools is about giving young people the best fathers, male role models and father-figures they can have. Within schools, they work with both staff, male role models and fathers, supporting them to build their community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of our students.


In relation to promoting the College goal for 2021, Happy, Healthy, Active Kids, we have applied to be funded through the Creative Workers in Schools program, to have an artist placed full time in our College for half of next year. We are considering having a Media/ Visual Artist work with our Year 12 Art class as well as to develop some mural concepts to work with all students. We are excited to find out if our application is successful.


This week, Forest Hill College won an award and we are in the running for another.


We have been announced as the Whitehorse Council School of the Year, Whitehorse Sports Awards. The Whitehorse Sports Awards is a Mayoral event that acknowledges hard work and dedication of local athletes, sporting and recreational clubs and volunteers, across Whitehorse.


Our Specialised Sports Academy programs for; basketball, soccer, tennis, netball and AFL have been recognised as outstanding. The Council says, “Within the 2019/20 period, Forest Hill College has increased in enrolments across all programs, delivering a high performance environment both on and off the court/field for student athletes pursuing a career in sport. Forest Hill College has collaborated with Nunawading Basketball with the belief that sport and physical activity promotes significant educational value for its participants thus promotes character traits of high value to personal development and success in later life, Academy programs committed to excellence on-court/field as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education.”


We are hopeful that today we will be announced as the winner of the Netball Victoria Community Awards, School of the Year. The Netball Victoria Community Awards celebrate the significant achievements of individuals and groups who have contributed to the sport of netball in Victoria throughout the year. Three key criteria of the award are:

  • Promote participation of inclusive netball in the school community; in areas such as boys, participation, students with disabilities and students from indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Due to COVID-19, special consideration will be given to nominees for the year of 2020 who have continued to provide innovative solutions to allow their members to still participate in the sport in a different manner.
  • Encourage the ongoing participation of netball for students through networks and relationships with a Netball Victoria affiliated Association, League or Club.

Rob and Lauren Nardelli run a superb Netball program, and we have been announced as a finalist. We have a strong partnership with the Whitehorse Netball Association and in combination with the innovative manner with which the program was delivered online through remote and flexible learning, we are optimistic we will be successful. The awards will be announced later today, after the time of posting this report.


The College is proud to support the work of our Year student, Kaelyn Sims, whose Venturer Scout Unit is selling Christmas trees in December. To support this group please see below.



A big thank you to all those involved in the recording of Presentation evening today, held differently because of Covid-19.  We recognise the importance of celebrating student achievements and hope our community enjoy the result.  Stand by for an announcement of when Presentation Evening 2020 will be premiering on our YouTube channel and congratulations to all award recipients!

Have a wonderful weekend.