Weekly Wrap


Welcome to week 9.


School Traffic

Firstly, I would like to thank the parents who are using the Hawthorn Rd entrance to pick up and drop off their children.


As more parents begin to use location, it will further improve the safety of those walking out our Mahoneys Rd driveway. I have been assisting foot and car traffic at the end of most days along the Hawthorn Rd entrance and I am pleased the result.  Traffic flows well when we’re all showing courtesy and consideration to each other. Thank you to our families, I really appreciate your efforts.


Respectful Relationships

At the forefront of news and conversation this week are issues relating to respectful relationships, gender equity and sexual consent.  These matters are a priority for discussion between the Student Parliamentarians and the College. I am both proud and grateful for the forthright and honest approach they take to these conversations. They are articulate, passionate and determined. They have raised concerns and observations and we are listening. We have identified some strengths of our College and some opportunities to improve.


Harmony Week

On Monday this week our student parliamentarians led a very respectful stand by all of our students and staff as part of Harmony Week.

Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

We stood together and formed the word “Unity” on our oval. Chi Kiet and Laura spoke to the student body about harmony, and why they had chosen the word unity.

In past years we have formed the words, “Harmony” and “Stand Up”.



As part of Monday’s ceremony, we also formally recognised that the Year 7 Centre has been renamed, from its original name Leonardo Centre, to the newly named William Barak Centre, in recognition of the revamped year 7 curriculum that now incorporates the study of indigenous history and culture, through the humanities element of the William Barak Project.

Year 7 Activity Day

On Thursday our Year 7 students continued their formal induction and transition into the College via the Year 7 Activity Day.

This special event is designed to encourage greater connection with their peers and assist in further developing a growth mindset via a fun range of activities and presentations.

Our College has excellent processes around Year 7 transition and induction, and this helps us build the powerful positive culture we are so proud of.


Curriculum Days

Our remaining Curriculum Days for 2021 are November 11 and 12, having already used 2 days to commence our year and properly prepare our staff, back in late January.



School Council

I am pleased to announce that at College Council this week we elected the following office bearers.

President- Lyndell Fraser

Vice President- Rob Nash

We welcome student members, Aidan Helstrom and Chi Kiet Vong.


Have a great weekend!

David Rogers