Weekly Wrap


Welcome to Week 8.

This week there was a lot of time and effort focused on the start of Year 21.


Staff and students alike were buzzing as we put a line through Year 2020 and moved enthusiastically into the next school year. We introduced “Connect” our revamped pastoral program that replaces Home Group. It has been doubled in length and a curriculum is being developed to deliver deeper understanding of mindfulness & gratitude, development of growth mindset, use of character strengths, goal setting & reflection. In fact all the principles of Positive Education.


As  I write this, it has been announced that this morning marks 28 days free of covid-19 in Victoria. This meets the definition of elimination. I would like to congratulate every member of the FHC community for the significant role they have played in contributing to this achievement. Our community has placed safety first. We embraced all restrictions with positivity and commitment and made sure we stayed Covid free. We got tested, we learnt from home and we stayed at home.


All that hard work has now paid off with the restrictions within our school community beginning to be eased. We are now able to permit;

  • the use of shared water taps,
  • the re- opening of the uniform shop,
  • re-commencement of  school tours and
  • welcoming parents back into our General Office (note: a density requirement of 10 persons is in place and masks are mandatory).


Can I take also this opportunity to remind parents that Oggie’s canteen is available with freshly prepared, inexpensive food via the Compass Canteen portal. Orders should be placed before 8am and are delivered directly to our school canteen at lunchtime. A lifesaver for those busy mornings when we are rushing off to various workplaces and family commitments as the holiday season begins.


Our Middle Years Sub School Team commenced formally meeting our 2021 Year 7 students online, as we build up towards Orientation Day. Next week we have a session with all their parents online. These students look very excited to be coming to FHC in 2021 and judging by the nature of the questions they were asking, they are very focused on doing well academically.

For our current or incoming parents second-hand books will be available via online this year.  A huge thank you to our Parent’s Association for organising this. Please see your Compass Newsfeed for details.


Just a gentle reminder to be careful on school grounds for pick up and drop off. There will be an increase in traffic due to the construction work taking place around the College. This weekend there will be trades in constantly. Repairs to the roof in the Leonardo Centre, Gym and Theatre, Black Box Theatre and Staff Room are well under way. The completion of this work is eagerly anticipated, as we look forward confidently to a year with full access to all our facilities and learning centres. The Year 7 space will be completed and ready for learning by the end of 2020. With the warmer weather and increase in traffic, I highly recommend you use the drop off zone on Hawthorn Road or encourage your child to enjoy the fresh air and walk from drop off points around the school grounds.


Have a wonderful weekend.