Weekly Wrap


Dear all,

Welcome to our final weekly wrap of remote learning.

It seems like light years ago when we shut down onsite learning and moved to a remote delivery style. I wanted to thank every member of our community for their efforts and their understanding through this incredible time. I think in time we will all look back and see this as a very significant historical event.

I am proud to have been a part of such a wonderful community response. From our youngest to our eldest student, and every member of staff and parent, our school community has moved seamlessly into and out of remote learning.

Having said that, it has been hard. It has required resilience, persistence and effort. It has required compassion, agility and understanding. It has worn us out and we have kept bouncing back. Next week, when we all return onsite, there will continue to be challenges.

Assessment has been very difficult to manage in many classes. Our students are going to be moving into a period of time where formal and informal assessment will become demanding. We are aware that not everyone has thrived in the remote learning landscape and we will be keeping a close eye on everyone. We are in this together and we will continue to support those who need it.

Last week I called for families who are interested in becoming homestay families for our indigenous students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School to make contact with me. This program is an important part of our school and the contribution we are trying to make towards reconciliation.

Last week was in fact, National Reconciliation Week. The events in the USA in recent times highlight the importance of harmony and the role reconciliation plays in that. Without becoming political, our College recognises the gaps in the education system for Indigenous students and we are working to fix them, while at the same time educate everyone about how Australia could make more progress towards a truly reconciled Australia. If you have been inspired to do something to make a positive contribution, please feel encouraged to call me and chat about the worth of offering a spare room up for a Year 8 student from the Northern Territory in 2021.

The final touches are being put on our many new automatic doors and concrete paving outside Learning Centre entrances in the coming week. There will be some pedestrian traffic flow issues, mainly in the Central and Southern Courtyards for at least another week. We have a concrete pour happening this weekend and next, and then we hopefully will be finished this work

Due to this work, and covid-19 restrictions, at this stage, the Canteen will remain closed. We will inform you about when it will be re-opening. We apologise for any inconvenience. I would ask that parents and guardians be mindful that we are still open to your communication, and we invite that, however, the front doors will remain closed, and access is restricted to those who are employed, a contractor or a student. Meetings between staff and parents can occur, but will be done via appointment and in the most part remotely. The College is committed to being a safe work place for staff and students.

Have a great weekend.


David Rogers

College Principal