Weekly Wrap

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Welcome to Week 7.


After another busy week, we are ready to turn our backs on 2020 and commence Year 21. All students will step up into their next Year Level and commence studying Year 2021 on Wednesday 25th November.


The completion of 3 weeks work in 2019 as a preparation for 2020, stood our community in good stead to navigate Covid and highlighted the importance and effectiveness of this program. Making a positive start to this program next week is something all students need to focus on. Setting their year up by getting off to a good start, by establishing, or re-establishing excellent classroom and home study routines is critical as it sets our students up for a great academic year.


Our focus will be on making sure all students are attending and participating to their optimum.

I am particularly keen to remind everyone that we do not have phones out at all during the day, we wear our full College uniform with pride to and from school and we are punctual and fully attentive in each class.


We are trialling the new “Connect” program during Year 2021 as a response to the effect Covid appears to have had on our students health and learning. This will mean a change to our bell times. Please make yourself aware of these times as they have been posted on Compass. These changes do not affect the start and end of day bells.


We are in the process of identifying which students will be participating in our Tutor Program, aimed at assisting those whose learning fell behind this year. We are also ramping up our extension program to meet the needs of some of the students in our College who have been looking for further academic challenges.


Next year we will have an urgent focus on maximising every minute of every class. We have increasingly high expectations on the level of effort we expect everyone in our community to be making. This will be done within a very supportive environment. For 2021, we will be advertising for a full time Psychologist and Social Worker to assist our wellbeing program, addressing student mental health issues even better than we currently do.


“The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”


Go Wolves