Weekly Wrap


Week 5 – Term 2

We are half way through the term already and for teachers that means Feedforward and Exam preparation ready for end of Term 2 exams. Your students’ Head of Sub-school will be sending out details of the exams soon so I’d ask you to check with your student to ensure they feel prepared. Our year 7 & 9 students have been completing Naplan catch up tests, whilst our  Year 11 Theatre Studies students headed out on Tuesday out to watch a professional production of  Pinnochio as part of their Unit 1 studies. Also on Tuesday our Year 9/10 students went to the City as part of their City Explore elective. We have also had both Senior Netball and Tennis teams participating in SSV competitions. If that wasn’t enough,  our Senior students have been completing Career Match testing and Alice, our Careers practitioner, is very busy ensuring she meets with each of our Year 11 student individually to ensure their pathways remain  appropriate for their future directions.

Lots of members of our school are busy rehearsing for both the NEVR Hamer Hall Concert that takes place on Tuesday 28th May and our Rock of Ages students are spending each Monday and Thursday evening after school in rehearsal for our show . Tickets are on sale at https://www.trybooking.com/BBGCC

As I type  this it reminds me to continue to express gratitude for the extensive work my staff are doing outside of their normal classroom teaching duties. It is the ‘above and beyond’ activities that take place that build positive relationships with our students and  ensure our students are able to fully engage with learning in the classroom,

Have a lovely weekend!

Nicky Buckingham


Sorry Day

FHC was proudly represented at the City of Whitehorse Sorry Day Ceremony today.  Students Lily B & Johnathon R attended the Flag Raising ceremony along with Assistant Principal Chris Grant in the Nangnak Gardens.

National Reconciliation week commemorates significant dates in the Reconciliation calendar. Sorry Day (or Day of Healing) is on the 26th of May and commemorates the handing down of the Bringing Them Home report to Parliament in 1997. This report talked about the painful history of the Stolen Generations and had 54 recommendations. One of the recommendations was for holding a national Sorry Day every year. The first Sorry Day was held in 1998. 

May 27, 1967 was the date of the referendum that saw more than 90% of Australians vote Yes to end discrimination against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by allowing the government the power to make laws for them and for them to be recognised in the census. 

June 3, 1992 the High Court delivered the Mabo decision which recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a special relationship with the land and recognised them as the Traditional Owners of their land. This paved the way for land rights or Native Title.

The Flag Raising ceremony is an opportunity for people to remember and acknowledge this historic apology speech given in 2008 to the Stolen Generations and we are grateful for the opportunity to attend.


Outdoor Education Camp 2019

On the 25th to the 27th of May the 1 and 2 OutdoorEd class where Heading north west to the Cathedral Ranges.

Our group spent three fantastic days trekking along ridges and peaks. But this camp wasn’t just a hiking trip, rather an opportunity to learn about the environment we had been studying over the past term and how to conduct ourselves as we travelled through the area.

Personally I loved the camp. It has opened my eyes to what an environment such as the Cathedral Range State Park has to offer. I will definitely be going back in the future!

James Ferrier


Theatre Studies

On Tuesday the 1/2 Theatre Studies class visited the La Mama Courthouse in Carlton to witness the theatrical spectacle that is Pinocchio 🤥, performed in the Commedia Del’Arte theatrical style.

The one man show, performed by Jasper Foley (@jaspfoley), explored the more traditional and dark side of the the timeless classic. With guest stars Harri Lloyd in a car mask with tail, Zoe Anthonis wearing a propeller hat, and Miss Wilkinson as the blue fairy, blue wig included and whom Pinocchio was quite enamoured with…. we can only say Si to this magical performance and be pleased we left with our dignity in tack…mostly.

Mia, Matt, and Dane