Weekly Wrap


Dear All,

Welcome to week 5. This was the week that we found out when we would be returning to school. We are excited with the news that our VCE students will return on May 26. We have been and are continuing to, work on the many details required to ensure the College is a safe place on return. These details will be released next week.

The  release of the Week 5 Wrap has been held back until today, as I follow a theme on safety. Today, May 17, is IDAHOBIT day. That is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia and discrimination against people with an intersex condition. At FHC, we strive to be a safe place for all. I dedicate this Weekly Wrap to the celebration of IDAHOBIT Day 2020.

The day raises awareness of the violence and discrimination against LGBTIQ communities worldwide. It was started in 2004 to commemorate the day in 1990 when the World Health Organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

There is still a long way to go because, as of 2020, there are still 68 countries where homosexuality is criminalised, and trans and gender diverse people around the world continue to face discrimination and pathologisation.

Over the years, the focus of the day has broadened to draw attention to the violence and prejudice experienced by all sexuality and gender diverse communities, as well as intersex people.

Today, IDAHOBIT is recognised in more than 130 countries, including Australia. This year’s global theme is Breaking the Silence. It aims to challenge stigma, give hope and extend solidarity to those that cannot speak up.
I am proud to lead a school that has made such progress towards being a safe and inclusive place for everyone. I know we still have a way to go, but I know how far we have come. Our diversity is our strength, and at FHC it is rich and strong.

To our LGBTQI students, parents and staff I stand with you, I welcome you and I celebrate you. Have a great IDAHOBIT Day 2020.