Weekly Wrap


Week 4 – Term 4

Welcome to week four.


VCAA exams commenced for most students on Wednesday with English and EAL. Our students looked well prepared and enjoyed a healthy breakfast put on by the English staff before the exam started. Many came out of the exam feeling confident in their performance. We wish them all well as this period continues across the next few weeks.


Year 10 and 11 students will be having their turn soon, as they participate in exams designed to prepare them for the official Year 12 VCAA experience. A lot of work has gone into developing the 2020 school timetable, enabling us to commence the 2020 school year for all students in all year levels on November 18.


This week the College released the new mobile phone policy to the community. I am assuming everyone is well aware the Minister for Education instructed all Principals to implement a ban on mobile phone use during school hours, in all State Schools commencing 2020. We have carefully digested the information he has released and developed a policy we are trialling for the remainder of 2019. This is a departure from how Forest Hill College has operated and some students will find this challenging. We ask that our community, our students and parents work with us on this. Change can be challenging, and especially if change is forced upon us without consultation.


In readiness for Year 2020, we are working to renovate the Later Years Locker Bays, and we are optimistic all Year 10 to 12 students will receive a brand new locker in which they can safely store their belongings. We are planning to paint the remainder of C Block, undertake renovations to our Library to further enhance a culture of reading and refurbish the Library courtyard garden.


The College is excited to announce that in 2020, we will be delivering some targeted initiatives to enrich the learning of students identified in the top 2 Naplan bands. It can sometimes be difficult to stretch high-ability students. To maximise their learning, our brightest students need to be supported and challenged. For 2020, at FHC, these students will be introduced to a new range of high-quality challenge and enrichment opportunities outside of school, this made possible through DET funding of the new Victorian High-Ability Program and the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. We aim to inspire passionate, positive and curious learners, and we believe this initiative will go a long way to doing that.


We are also pleased to announce that from 2020, literacy and numeracy support for lower performing students will be implemented, across years 7 to 11. Our aim is to build the confidence and skill base of these students so we can move them out of the lowest Naplan bands and close the gap widening which many of these students experience throughout their secondary school years. More details on when these initiatives commence and how students will be identified to participate, will follow in Weekly Wraps across the remainder of this year.


Finally, we are still working to identify families interested in supporting Kurt, Isiaah and Clifton. Three indigenous students from the Northern Territory, will be coming to us via the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School for the 2020 school year. We are hoping to find three families who want to make a difference in these boys’ lives. Each student has travelled from the Northern Territory and completed year 7 at the Richmond Football Club in 2019. The homestay is fully funded by Abstudy, and includes return travel to the NT during the year for the family and the boys. If you are interested please contact me on d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au

To learn more check out the link below.


Have a great weekend!