Weekly Wrap

Upcoming Dates

11th – 13th August – School Production The Addams Family (New Dates To Be Announced)

12th August – GAT (To Be Confirmed)

16th September – Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

17th September – Last day of Term

Dear all,

Welcome to Week 4.

It was terrific to see our Year 12 students heading off to camp this week. The camp was designed to provide much needed wellbeing support for our Year 12 students, as they approach their final exams. The timing was perfect, as we enter our 6th lockdown, the students have been able to focus on what they can control and share the challenge together. They are about to enter a heavy period of internal assessment and the GAT. We stand side by side with these wonderful students , proud of how they handle adversity and confident they are working hard towards their goals.

On Monday this week our AFL Academy students officiated at the Primary Schools Football Carnival. It was an excellent opportunity to test out their newly accredited umpiring skills. The students were wonderfully supported by Head Coach Andrew Collins, Assistant Coach Charlie Beasley and Head of Academy Andy Christie.

The lockdown has seen us need to reschedule our Production yet again. I want to thank all members of the cast and crew for the continued dedication to what is going to be a fantastic show. Whilst yesterday was not the news we wanted to hear, please be assured that the College is still, more than ever, committed to putting on the production. Assuming the restrictions are lifted in a week, our plan is to proceed with Production at the next available set of dates. We will keep everyone informed.

Clearly the news of lockdown 6 was tough to take. As a community we have tremendous grit and resilience. Accepting the challenge of a return to remote learning is important. Once that stage of accepting the challenge is done, then we can move into taking control of what we can. I encourage all of our community to draw down on their signature character strengths to navigate this time. It is important to maintain a sense of positivity throughout, and finding three positive things that happen each day is useful. A focus on the practice of mindfulness assists in directing energies back on to the elements of our day that we have control over.

I know this time comes with enormous challenges, especially around social isolation. It can also test out our motivation as well. The College is open to onsite support for any students who are struggling, and I encourage all families to consider if this is required. The onsite supervision application form is available on Compass. I will also draw your attention to the opportunity remote learning can provide to focus free of any distractions. Whilst it is not ideal, it can be turned into a positive. There is a chance to re direct emotions towards overcoming challenge and growing as a person. I am confident the great students in our community that we have can rise yet again to this challenge and meet it head on with positivity and enthusiasm, grit and determination.

Stay safe, stay strong

David Rogers

College Principal