Weekly Wrap


Week 3 – Term 2

It’s amazing how quickly each week passes in a school. It’s the end of week three already and although the inclement weather today resulted in a postponement of the annual Athletics Carnival we still had plenty to keep us all busy.

Tuesday saw the College open to visitors for our Grade 6 Academy Pre-selection Day.  We welcomed Grade 6 students into the College and they spent the morning trialling for our academy programs. Our coaches were really impressed by the level of sportsmanship and dedication to each focus area and we look forward to welcoming those students into our College in 2020.

Tuesday was also the day we met with the Pro Vice Chancellor Swinburne University – Sarah Maddison, to discuss pathways for our students into University and we also undertook training provided by the Education department around inclusivity for diverse students in Education.

On our principal class Learning Walk this week the focus was on explicit Learning Intentions and my principal team and I were impressed with the level of understanding our students had of the ‘why’ to their learning. So often when we ask young people what they have learned today, they can express what activity they participated in but not ‘what’ the learning was. This was not the case for the students we spoke to on our walk through. Over dinner tonight why not ask your student what they learned and why they learned it?

Naplan commences in Week 4 for our Year 7 and Year 9 students. I’d like to remind our students that the results from Naplan are as a result of the efforts they have expended in their learning journey up to this point but do not define them as learners. We wish them the best of luck.

Just a reminder that the College Athletics has been moved to Monday  22nd July.

Have a great weekend

Nicky Buckingham