Weekly Wrap

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Dear all,

Welcome to week 3. This week our first College Assembly for 12 months was held. The Year 7 students were formally welcomed by the College community. They walked proudly into the Assembly, accompanied by their Connect Teacher. During Assembly, we were proud to present scholarship certificates to the Year 7 students who had successfully applied for an Academic or Sporting scholarship. We look forward to many exciting achievements by this great cohort of young people.

All Parliamentarians and Tribe Captains were presented to the student body, ahead of the first Parliament sitting for 2021, which was held on Friday of this week. High on their agenda are developing a suite of incursion activities and guest speakers around issues that effect teenagers and their health. I met with our senior leaders at lunchtime on Monday to discuss this concept.

Our Year 12 students listened intently as Mr. Blowers (Head of Later Years) gave his address, setting expectations around effort and achievement. This cohort is an excellent group of students and we believe they can surpass the achievements of the 2020 class. The 2020 class produced our best VCE achievements since 2012, and it is our belief that the class of 2021 will be the highest performing Year 12 class of the decade, surpassing the achievements of the Class of 2020.

Following assembly students went to Tribe Assemblies to commence their preparations for the Swimming Carnival (now postponed until 3rd March 2021). Excitement is high as it is our first whole school event since Term 1 2020. Staff are very committed to making this a great occasion. Many novelty activities, designed to develop cross age connections will be taking place in and out of the pool. As in previous years, Staff are very keen to dress in Tribe colours and we encourage all students help bring the fun of Swimming Carnival and do the same.

The Year 7 parents and students attended a welcome BBQ on Tuesday evening. The event was very well attended and we were able to assist our new families understand College processes and meet the staff who educate their children. Building connections with our community is very important to us, especially in a post remote learning year.

I am sure by now you would have heard, the Premier has just informed us that schools will close as of midnight 12 February. FHC will remain closed for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.


The FHC community showed incredible resilience and unity during 2020. I am calling on that spirit to once again come to the fore.


This is not a return to remote learning 2020 style, Learning Tasks will be made available online through Compass for the next 3 school days (15/2, 16/2 and 17/2). Students should connect with and work through these tasks from home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.


Onsite supervision will be available at FHC for students when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made – including children whose parents cannot work from home, vulnerable children and children with a disability.

We plan returning to face to face learning on Thursday

For many of us this news was not what we were hoping for. It is important to acknowledge that. It will bring a mix of emotions. Please know that we will continue to invest heavily in the wellbeing of all members of our community. If you need our support in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College on d.rogers@fhc.vic.edu.au

I am expecting further guidelines to be released by the Department of Education today, and once we have more details we will communicate them with you,

Stay safe and stay strong

David Rogers
College Principal