Weekly Wrap


Week 2 – Term 4

Welcome to Week Two.

This is always a very big week at FHC, where we farewell our graduating class of 2019. In doing so we are acknowledging and celebrating these students who have made it to the end of Year 12. As the last formal day of at least 13 years of primary and secondary schooling, it is fitting to congratulate them on the efforts and drive they have shown to get this far.

What defines these students has been their ongoing commitment to do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality. They have stayed the course with their education and opened doors to a future world that they are about to embark on. They have developed the skills and competencies to enable them to flourish. They have built on their strengths and made sure they are ready for that next step. For most, this has not come easily. Successfully completing secondary schooling is the end product of hard work, determination and passion. It’s a combination of failures, mistakes and setbacks. Out of these errors, these setbacks, they have reflected and grown.

They will leave our College a richer place. In their time they have been role models and leaders, either formally or informally. They have overseen the introduction of student parliament. They have led the removal of limiting rules linked to subject selection in year 9 and 10, opening the pathway for the potential to take on year 12 subjects as a year 9 student, the re-introduction of VCAL for 2020, the removal of references to gender in our uniform policy and the introduction of the rugby jumper as a mainstream uniform item. They have also been a part of the return of a yearly College Production and lived through the largest renovations this College has experienced in 30 years and been instrumental in introducing and designing the Wolf, our College mascot.

This cohort leave a legacy behind them that will endure. They get on well together, they have powerful relationships with their teachers. They are respected by our community for the great people they have become.

We will miss them. I am sure they leave us knowing they are always welcome to return to us, as we want to be a part of the next step in your adventure. We are proud of them and we know their ATAR score will never define them as people. We are proud of who they have become. We will always remember them for their personal qualities, as they have been, and will always be, wonderful members of our community.

The Assembly and Valedictory Dinner were wonderful tributes to this Class of 2019, and I would like to thank all staff for their contribution to this class across the six years they have been at the College. It takes a village to raise a child, and it is more than their VCE teachers we acknowledge. All staff at FHC have played a significant role for these students and we thank them for that.

We especially thank Jesse Blowers and Nicole Mauna for mentoring and supporting the class of 2019 through their final year at FHC.

Congratulations Class of 2019.