Weekly Wrap

Dear all,


Welcome to week 2 of Term 3 and week 2 of lockdown V5.0.


Well done on navigating the second week in remote learning. It seems so many of you have settled into an effective routine to access your learning. This morning we have just heard that the GAT has been rescheduled to the 12th of August, which is a great outcome for our VCE students. It means all Later Years students get the chance to return to onsite learning and readjust to that mode, before having to sit the GAT assessment. We look forward with great anticipation to returning to onsite learning next week, and re-commencing as many events and activities face to face as the restrictions will permit.


You should notice in the “Upcoming Dates” section above, that we have workshops for our Middle Years students on digital safety coming up soon, to educate our students on some of the pitfalls and safety tips on the digital landscape that we use so much these days. The Year 12 Study Camp is still scheduled to proceed in early August as well. Obviously, we must await Government instruction on what we are able to do face to face, density limits and travel restrictions, if any that may apply following the forecast release from lockdown next week.


Having said that, many of you have settled into good routines around remote learning, we are also aware that for some, this has been a very confronting experience. The triggers around a potential extended 2020 type lockdown, loss of income for many families and the despair many feel around social isolation have meant there are certainly many amongst us doing things very tough at the moment. The College is keen to support its community in any way it can. Across the last 2 weeks we have had a team of staff investigating the possibility of starting a “community meal” program, to feed those in need and to provide a place for social connection for those suffering from isolation. We have discussed this concept with a range of our community partners, and there is great intent from all who have been approached to support this initiative. Our concept would see the Community Meal become a part of a year levels “Connect” program, providing opportunities for all FHC students to volunteer and do community service through this experience. Stay tuned for further developments and an opportunity to become involved as a parent, at a later date.

This week Chi Kiet Vong was awarded the Community Engagement Award at the Victorian Global Learning Awards ceremony. The Global Learning Awards recognise outstanding achievements of International Students across all Victorian Government Schools.

Since he joined our College, Chi Kiet has been an active member of our community and an influential and inspiring student leader.

Chi Kiet was the founding president of our Leos Club, a youth branch of the Lions Club of Forest Hill, and has been the driving force in the club. He has led fundraising and community work, including Trivia Nights, BBQ fundraisers, Clean Up Australia Day, the planting of indigenous plants across the College, and has raised thousands of dollars for charity. For his work with the Leos Club, Chi Kiet was awarded the State Leo of the Year for Victoria in 2020 and 2021, which recognised his leadership, global citizenship, and community service.

Chi Kiet has also been a member of our Student Parliament since it first began, and has been a Member of Parliament, Opposition Leader and one of our Ministers for Diversity. As Opposition Leader, he co-led his party with the goal of celebrating diversity and promoting equality and has ensured International Students are welcomed into our College community. This year he is also a Student Representative on College Council.

We are very proud of Chi Kiet’s achievements, and know he will leave a lasting legacy for both our College and local community well into the future.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

David Rogers

College Principal