Weekly Wrap

Week 10 – Term 3

Welcome to week 10.


Congratulations to all students and staff on their great work this term. Parent Teacher Student Interviews this week were very well attended and the conversations that I observed were all centred on students achieving their personal best through effort. I am very proud of the powerful nature of these conversations and the wonderful support so many of our students receive from their families.



Today our staff made great use of the time they had for the development of high quality curriculum.


Our staff conducted an analysis of every individual student’s performances as demonstrated through Naplan testing. They reviewed the level of growth each student had made, linking this with data on their Grade Point Averages. They were exploring the relationship between learning confidence, learning effort and academic growth.


Staff also used the day to plan curriculum that inspires positive passionate and curious learners (our vision statement).


Our vision statement is something we work towards every day at the College, and one we feel we are getting closer towards as each term passes.


In closing, I thank all of our students and staff for their tremendous dedication this term. I wish everyone a safe and relaxing break and look forward to seeing everyone return ready for another big term.