Weekly Wrap

Year 12 Picnic

Dear all,


Welcome to the final Weekly Wrap of Term 1.


Yesterday we held our Parent Teacher Student Interviews. Many students would have received praise for their efforts, for their outcomes and for their growth. Some will have received feedback that they may have found challenging to hear.


Everyone will have had a success throughout the term, a moment, a week, a whole term, where they performed well. The term break is an opportunity for a reset. We have hit the ground running post Covid and we have all put in huge efforts to achieve an almost pre Covid normal life.  Sport, Music, Clubs,  Scouts, social lives and friends etc., have all returned with a gusto. I do, however, expect most of us are a bit tired so I encourage you all to take the time for resting, reflecting and resetting.


In 2020, students completed 3 weeks of the 2021 year study, and to date, a further 9 weeks. The holidays are always a good time to do some catch up or extension work but we also need time to re energize.


If you are a student who has had some successes, rest up, take a moment to reflect on your great work, and reset, get ready to go again in Term 2.


If you have not done as well as you would have liked, the break is a great opportunity for a reset. Stop, reflect on what did go well, and do more of that in Term 2. Look at what you know you can do well, and do more of it. Believe in yourself and set some sustainable, appropriate goals for a better Term 2.


This week we saw our Junior Concert Band participate in a workshop on the final day of term. Around 30 students worked on a number of songs, and showed great improvement across the day. Remembering that Instrumental Music lessons are still free for all Year 7 and 8 students, this is a wonderful opportunity, post covid, to take advantage of one opportunity the College is providing to help students return to “normal” school. Whilst it was a great day, our Principal felt a little dismayed that the students were mastering “Oh When the Saints Go marching In” when they could have been learning the Carlton Footy Club song instead.

Today our Year 12 students had a picnic with their friends and teachers at lunch time and held a down ball competition, to celebrate the completion of Term 1. The cohort has worked really hard and we are very happy with their progress. They are academically strong and very determined to do well.


Congratulations to Lucinda Gatt, on making the 15 Years and Under Victorian Netball Team. Lucinda is a dedicated member of the FHC Netball Academy and we are very proud of her drive and commitment to be a great student and a great netball player.


I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter break, and return ready for another great term at FHC.