Academic Enrichment (AcE)

Academic Enrichment Program for gifted and talented students.

What is AcE?

Forest Hill College is committed to catering for students’ differing learning styles. The AcE program was created  in order to engage students who are talented and highly motivated. Students are given an opportunity to explore in greater depth and access opportunities for extension in a variety of learning areas throughout their six years at the College.

Why AcE?

Research suggests that when talented students are provided with opportunities to work together in a classroom environment they are able to challenge each other and achieve better academic outcomes. In the AcE Program, students are challenged to learn at a deeper level and to explore their interests whilst developing independent life-long learning skills.

How does it work?

The AcE Program ensures that all students are continually challenged with work that is appropriate for their needs across all areas of their studies in a technology-rich environment, particularly in the four areas of core study: Science, Humanities, English and  Mathematics. A key feature of the Forest Hill College AcE program is ensuring ample opportunities to work with other talented students across all of their studies.

The AcE program will cater for approximately 25 Year 7 students each year and will continue throughout the College, dependent on a student’s continued academic performance. In Year 10, students have access to a range of early-access VCE subjects and challenging electives.

How do students gain entry to the AcE program?

Students wishing to be considered for the AcE Program at Year 7 will be required to complete the application form and sit the academic testing alongside all other prospective Year 7 students. These results together with their Grade 5 semester 2 report and NAPLAN data will be considered. At a later date students will be asked for further evidence to support their application through an interview.

Students enrolling into other year levels will have an opportunity to express interest in the program during their enrolment interview.

You can complete the online application below or download a copy from the documents list to the left of this page to print and return via mail.

If you would like more information regarding this program please contact:

Staff Member Greg Heaton
Role Leading Teacher – Community and Engagement
Phone Contact 9814 9444


ACE Application

  • What achievements would you like us to know about? For example, achievements in Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities, Technology, Leadership, Music, Sports, etc.
  • Drop files here or
    If you do not have a digital copy of these reports, please mail to: AcE Applications, Forest Hill College, Mahoneys Road, Burwood East, 3151