Vision, Values & Strategic Plan

Vision and Values

At Forest Hill College our vision is to inspire passionate, positive and curious learners.

Our College Values are:

  • Connect
  • Explore
  • Aspire

Strategic Plan

One of the key functions of a school council is to contribute to the broad vision and direction of a school through strategic planning. Strategic planning is the process of:

  • Reflecting on the school’s past performance
  • Establishing future directions and
  • Deciding on what will constitute success

Throughout 2014/15 the College undertook a review of the previous Strategic Plan. This means that as a school community we reflected on important questions such as:

  • What student outcomes did we aim to achieve?
  • What student outcomes did we achieve?
  • Why did we/did we not achieve improvements in student outcomes?
  • How effectively did we manage our resources to support the achievement of improved student outcomes?
  • What can we do in the future to continue to improve?

At the conclusion of the review the College established a new Strategic Plan for the period 2016 to 2019. This plan:

  • Provides a statement to our community about what we stand for and intend to do, over the next four years, to improve student outcomes.
  • Re-defines what the school values most and
  • Sets out the school’s goals and targets, key strategies for improvement and its resourcing priorities

You can download a copy of our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan below.

Annual Implementation Plan

In collaboration with the principal, school councils is responsible for developing an annual implementation. The implementation plan outlines one-year goals that are steps towards achieving the broader targets set in the strategic plan. It provides a reference point for monitoring the school’s progress.

Annual Report

The report is developed by the school principal and it provides the school community with information regarding the achievements of the previous year.