School Council

The School council at Forest Hill College plays a key role in supporting the Principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council

All parents of students at the College are eligible to stand for election to the College Council. The term of office for members is two years, with half the members retiring each year.

Parents on the Council provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help to shape the direction of the college. Parents who become active on the Council invariably find their involvement a rewarding one, finishing each year with a sense of accomplishment.

College Council Members 2018
Council President Anthony Russo
Principal David Rogers
Parent / Community Representatives To be announced (Currently calling for nominations).
DE&T Representatives To be announced (Currently calling for nominations).

Parent members of Council attend one or more of the College Council sub committees. Each sub-committee acts as an advisory body to the College Council. Sub Committees make recommendations to Council and are open to non-school council members also.  On occasion sub-committees may set up working parties for a specific function.

Each Sub-Committee has a nominated convenor who acts as the chairperson and they meet regularly in line with the College Council calendar.

Sub Committee Chairperson Focus
Education Chris Grant (Leading Teacher) Developing the educational and curriculum policy for school council
Facilities David Rogers Planning and developing the school’s facilities such as its buildings and grounds; hire of facilities, organising actions to maintain or improve the appearance of the school
Finance Danielle Roche Developing and monitoring the annual cash budget, maintaining and reviewing appropriate financial policies, monitoring investments, completing tenders, following up on auditors actions and advice, ensuring the school operates a balanced budget and that liabilities and financial commitments are brought to account in the relevant year
1 28 February
2 28 March
3 25 April
4 30 May
5 27 June
6 25 July
7 29 August
8 31 October
9 28 November

More information about School Councils can be found here