Parents Association

Parent Involvement in Education

Involving parents in the running of the College is a key feature of Forest Hill College. The voice of parents is a fundamental element of the community at the College and we encourage all parents to remain actively involved in their child’s education. Apart from the use of Compass, that allows parent access to information about their child’s learning and attendance, we also have groups that parents can join to make a difference at the College.

We encourage parents to attend all our assemblies and College events. Following all assemblies is an opportunity to meet and get to know the Principal team over morning tea.

Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is a great opportunity for parents to get together and make an improvement to the education of all students in the College. Any parent or guardian of a child enrolled at Forest Hill College may become a part of the association. The association’s executive comprises a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer elected at the Annual General Meeting by financial members of the association. New members are always welcome. For any further enquiries please contact the General Office on 03 9814 9444.

The Parents’ Association meets monthly on a set day. These meetings are open to all parents and guardians and any other person invited to attend by the association.

The purpose of the Parents’ Association is to:

  • Provide a forum for parents to consider issues to do with the education and welfare of their children.
  • Initiate and or support parent education programs by inviting guest speakers from both inside and outside the College to stimulate discussion on topics of interest.
  • Initiate and organise social events for the school community.
  • Raise funds for the benefits of all students.
  • Liaise with IMPACT (Student Representative Council) to support their fund-raising efforts.
  • Support the Student wellbeing team.
  • Support the Music Program.

Whilst we do raise funds for the benefit of the students, mainly through our used Book and Uniform Sale at the end of the year, this is not our major focus. We provide a forum for parents to consider issues to do with the education and welfare of their children. We also assist at special events held at the College such as the New Families’ BBQ, Basketball Marathon, Music Program, College Open Night, and Stage Productions as well as provide support to the Student Welfare Department.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or concerns. We are here to promote our school’s sense of community. If you would like to assist in any way please email: