Our Learning Culture

The learning Culture at Forest Hill College has been developed to create a safe and secure environment for all students to learn in.

We have found that when expectations are clearly communicated, and explicit teaching occurs for both students and parents, the incidence of non-compliance within Our Learning Culture is minimal and limited to very few individuals.

On the whole we commend our students for their behaviour and attitude towards being positive members of our community.

The Learning Culture at Forest Hill College is made up of 4 equally important components:

  • The College Values
  • Our Shared Expectations
  • A Staged Response (a planned escalation of consequences) that is implemented fairly and consistently by both the Classroom Teacher and the Year Level Leader
  • Restorative Practice – a set of tools to frame conversations and conflict resolution
College Values Shared Expectations



Being on time
Being ready to learn
Being positive and helpful
Being Safe and orderly
Following instructions promptly
Being respectful of other’s rights

It is the responsibility of every classroom teacher at Forest Hill College to establish and maintain a positive working environment that allows all students to focus on their core business of learning.

They do this by:

  • Planning/Preparing class lesson that are engaging and challenging for all students
  • Establishing Classroom “Norms”
    • Utilising cueing in strategies to assist students maintain their focus
    • Using warnings to provide students with an opportunity to self-manage and regulate behaviours
    • Implementing formal outcomes in the instances when students have been unable to maintain focus
      • Up to a 10 min Conference (during this time the teacher seeks to understand the problem behaviour and establish a plan for the next lesson)
  • Referring persistent misbehaviour to a Year Level Leader.


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We recognise, that at times, some students will step outside of the culture. When this occurs the classroom teacher can draw on assistance from our dedicated Year Level Leaders who will assist them in working with the individual student/s.


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The Learning Culture at Forest Hill College is underpinned by a number of Key Policies, follow the links below to access more information:

  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Digital Learning – Acceptable Use
  • Mobile Phones and Music Devices – Acceptable Use
  • Student Engagement and Wellbeing
  • Uniform