Our College

At Forest Hill College we have high expectations of all members of our community and place a great deal of emphasis on supporting staff, students and families to achieve the very best possible outcomes. Our facilities are designed to inspire contemporary teaching and learning practices.

The College has invested heavily in facilities with flexible learning spaces that have been carefully designed to extend into the beautiful gardens and grounds that enhance the school’s warm and friendly feel.

The sporting and arts programs are enhanced by facilities that are the envy of most schools. With our double gymnasium, synthetic soccer field and tennis courts, our sports programs are rich with resources. The Theatre, iMac computer room, music rehearsal studios and visual arts spaces are integral components of the College’s excellent Performing and Visual Arts programs.

The introduction of a VCE Study Centre has complemented a learning environment that allows students to work in a way that develops their skills for a life beyond Secondary School.

All aspects of our Curriculum Program are enhanced by a fully networked wireless environment where every student has a digital device. An active and positive relationship between the College and families enhances students learning.

We welcome parents, friends and the community into life at Forest Hill College through formal bodies such as, College Council and Parents Association and through events such as, assemblies, whole College Carnivals and Information Evenings.

Transition and Consolidation of a Positive Start

Ensuring our new Year 7 students are happy, secure and confident with a strong sense of belonging is a priority for all staff at Forest Hill College. Our key transition staff, consisting of a Leading Teacher and Year Level Leader enjoy strong relationships with local primary schools and work closely with them to ensure that students’ strengths and needs are known to us and that they are fully supported during their transition to secondary school.

We come to know the students through informal and formal methods in the lead up to the start of the school year. We provide Literacy and Numeracy testing, our Connections Information Night for the whole family, regular contact with Primary School staff and Orientation opportunities at the end of the grade six year.

Once students arrive at Forest Hill College they are supported by a variety of programs and initiatives including an outstanding Peer Support Program involving all Year 7 students and our expertly trained Year 10 students, a transition camp that allows them to build new friendships and form strong and trusting relationships with key staff members and the Leonardo Project, an Integrated Project.

The Leonardo Project is dedicated teaching and learning time:

  • Monitoring the transition and induction of, Year 7 students into the Learning Culture at Forest Hill College
  • The development of positive peer relationships and appropriate use of technologies
  • Developing the whole student, academically, socially and emotionally
  • investigating the History and expressing what they discover through either Visual or Performing Arts

Our Year 7 students are also supported by having a dedicated team of experienced teachers and a cluster of classrooms in our flexible Middle Years Learning Centre. It is in within this space the majority of Year 7 classes are held allowing students to develop a sense of ownership and pride over their environment and a sense of belonging and community amongst themselves and their teachers.

Students only get one “first day” at secondary school, at Forest Hill College we ensure that it is a positive and memorable experience that extends far beyond the first day.

Student life is enriched at Forest Hill College through participation in a wide-ranging extra-curricular program. Students actively participate in activities during lunchtimes in the Library, The “Shack” and the College Gymnasium. Our Breakfast Club, run by our College Wellbeing Team, sees students learning the importance of good nutrition two mornings per week. After school our staff continue to support student’s study through Homework Cub, one-to-one revision sessions and the Later Years Study Centre.

Leadership and Student Voice

Forest Hill College encourages students to make a valuable contribution to school life by becoming a student leader. Opportunities exist across all the year levels and include, School Captains (Year 12 and Year 9), Academic Captains, Sports Captains, Music Captains, International Students Program Captains, Tribe Leaders, IMPACT Leaders (Student Representative Council) and Home Group Leaders.

The College Principal Team meet regularly with School Captains to bring about school improvement and IMPACT has representatives that attend College Council.

Co-Curricular and Whole College Carnivals

The College has a Tribe System arranged around colours and students compete in major college events throughout the year including: the college Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival and the Performing Arts Carnival. Academic competitions are encouraged at all year levels with students receiving valuable Tribe points for participation and achievement.

We have a proud history of participating in inter-school sporting events. Students participate in a range of sports throughout the academic year and utilising their excellent leadership skills are able to coach and manage teams.

Our Debaters have had great success and continue to impress us through competition.
Our Instrumental Music Program performs regularly in the wider community, individually, in an ensemble or band.

The South Street Music Festival in Ballarat and Dizzy’s Jazz Club in Richmond are key events on our musicians’ calendars.

Camps and Excursions

School Camps provide a wonderful opportunity for students to build self-esteem, establish and strengthen relationships with their teachers and peers and to develop their own leadership and communication skills.

At Forest Hill College we are committed to providing these opportunities to all students during their journey through the years. Experiences include: Year 7 Transition Camp, Year 8/9 Tasmania Tour, Year 10 “Preparing for VCE”, VCE Central Australia Tour. Our Year 9 students have the opportunity to participate in City Experience, Community Projects, World Challenge and the Duke of Edinburgh program through our GROWTH Program.

Our Year 12 students attend a Study Skills program at Deakin University during early February. The program is designed to help students develop the skills to manage their last year of secondary schooling.

Excursions and incursions are utilised at all year levels to increase engagement with the classroom based teaching and learning experiences, these real life applications enrich the classroom program and allow students to connect broadly within their community.