Learning in the Middle Years

At Forest Hill College, we know our students as learners and look for ways to ensure they achieve the best possible educational outcome.

As students transition into secondary schooling at Forest Hill College, they experience an academically challenging differentiated curriculum designed to allow them to demonstrate their ability and progress in their learning.

Our Year 7 to 9 programs build strong foundations for future success. We emphasise the core literacy and numeracy skills across all subjects in the curriculum.  Our unique languages program, consisting of Auslan, Chinese (Mandarin) and French, is structured to allow Year 7 students to “taste” all three languages during Year 7 and then select one to continue with in Year 8. As they progress through the College, students have increasing opportunities to refine their own pathways by selecting an increasing number of electives in Year 9 and beyond.

Our Leonardo Project at Year 7, Galileo Project at Year 8 and Electives Program at Year 9 are key features of teaching and learning in the Middle Years.

In the Year 7 Leonardo Project students learn in an authentic real-world environment without the constraints of traditional divisions between subjects. Students develop independence in their learning by developing creativity, life-long learning, problem-solving and thinking skills which are essential in the 21st Century.

The development of these skills carries into the Galileo Project at Year 8. In the Galileo Project, students design solutions to real-world problems through STEAM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics). This approach to teaching and learning develops the whole student, academically, socially and emotionally as autonomous lifelong learners. Students work with mentors teacher to deepen their understanding of the connections across subjects and themselves as a learner whilst developing critical thinking skills.

Our Year 9 students have the opportunity to contribute to their world through the Explore elective that includes opportunities to participate in City Experience, World Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh and community service programs/projects.

Enriching Learning in the Middle Years

The Year 7 – 9 curriculum is further enhanced by our dedicated enrichment programs, AcE and International Football and Tennis Programs.  Access to these programs is through application only.

The AcE Program is an academic enrichment program for high achieving students. Students selected for AcE have an opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects and are provided with academic enrichment in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities with emphasis placed on inquiry-based learning, higher order thinking and problem solving.

The International Football and Tennis Programs incorporate an applied practical component to develop and maintain high performance. This targeted and expertly delivered aspect of the curriculum develops the athlete in the areas of recovery and performance, fitness profiling and conditioning along with the fundamental concepts of the appropriate sport.


For more information about the Middle Years at Forest Hill College contact:

Staff Member Role Email
Russell Lee Middle Years Sub-school Leader r.lee@fhc.vic.edu.au
Jarrod Stafford Year 7 Leader s.seymour@fhc.vic.edu.au
James Webb Year 8 Leader j.webb@fhc.vic.edu.au
Emily Mallaby Year 9 Leader e.nasopoulos@fhc.vic.edu.au