Careers & Pathways

The Careers Centre at Forest Hill College provides a number of services to assist our students and their families, make successful transitions from school to the workforce, apprenticeships and traineeships and for further study at University or TAFE.

Individual careers counselling is provided for students in Middle Years and Later Years over subject choice for Year 10, Year 11 and 12; finding an apprenticeship or traineeship, resume writing. One to one assistance is also provided for year 12 students with their VTAC applications for University degrees and TAFE diplomas/degrees.

VTAC registrations for preferences close at the end of September each year. Assistance is also available in December each year when the ATARs are released and during the Change of Preference period in mid-December, to ensure a smooth and successful transition from Forest Hill College into further study, training and employment.

The Careers Centre provides a library of current course and pathway information including careers computer programs (Career Voyage), Careers related websites, DVDs, Job Guides, VTAC guides and TAFE and university handbooks. In addition, the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework is used within the GROWTH Program to develop student awareness of strengths, values, likes, dislikes which supports subject choices as students transition from one year to the next.

Subsequently, students in Year 10 complete MyCareerMatch Career Profiling and their personality style, natural talents are matched to a suitable career. All Year 10 students are provided with their profile to keep and use to explore career pathways.

Pathways planning, what do you need to do?

  • Research all possible courses and careers.
  • Carefully consider your career interests and aspirations.
  • Consult the ‘Job Guide’ or the many career websites to research a variety of careers.
  • Try to identify further education courses at University or TAFE or apprenticeships that will provide the type of training you will need to become qualified in your preferred career area.
  • Identify any specific pre-requisites for the further education courses you are interested in. You can check these on the VTAC website (
  • Research information on VCE/VCAL/VET studies available
  • Speak to subject teachers and current students to gain their perspective as well.
  • Consult the VCAA’s website ( to read a detailed description of each subject.
  • Aim to choose a mathematics subject that is appropriate to your level of ability. Remember that including a mathematics subject keeps your options open.
  • If you wish to undertake a VET subject, remember that this is usually a two year commitment and that fees are charged for these subjects
  • Attend the Course Counselling Interviews as requested, before your course applications are due which allows you the opportunity to check and discuss that you have chosen a suitable course.

How can the Careers/Pathways Leader assist you?

The Careers/Pathways Leader is available to assist all students with pathways matters including the following:

  • Subject selection (including course prerequisites).
  • VCE and VET advice.
  • Advice on the effect of changing a subject on career choice.
  • Course selection at tertiary institutions.
  • Career and pathway planning.
  • Work experience and work place issues such as occupational health and safety.
  • Employment, traineeship and apprenticeship options and placements.
  • Job application letters, resumes, interview skills.

Year 10 Work Experience

To assist students in gaining familiarity with work and the requirements of the workforce, the College offers work experience to students in Year 10. Work Experience is offered under the terms and conditions of the Work Experience Act and all students participating in placements are fully covered for Work Cover and Public Liability Insurance. Students complete their Occupational Health and Safety Requirements during Growth classes.

Work Experience is scheduled to take place in the first week of December, but can be taken at other times of the year, after negotiation with the Careers/Pathways Leader and Year Level Leader, to avoid clashes with exams and vital assessment outcome tasks.

The DEECD Work Experience Arrangement Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Link to the Forest Hill College Careers Website 

The website link for Forest Hill College Careers is: this has a comprehensive amount of information for parents/students such as links to Universities/Tax File number Forms/Calendar of events for open days at Universities and TAFEs.

For any further information about Careers and Pathways contact:

Staff Member Alice Romanis
Role Careers Practitioner
Phone (03) 9814 9444