Stay up to date with the latest college news and view our calendar


Stay up to date with the latest college news and view our calendar

FHC has a range of communication points to advertise current news and events to our local community.  

Our Weekly Wrap, delivered by our College Principal covers information and events that have happened during the school week. Other news items, current events and the College Calendar are also available right here.

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return to onsite dates- term 4

Weekly Wrap, Week -3 – Term 4 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Dear all,   Welcome to Week 3. Today marks the final day of remote and flexible learning. It has been an exhausting commitment our students, parents and staff have made and I wanted to acknowledge that, and again take the time to thank everyone for their efforts. We cannot express how excited we…


Weekly Wrap, Week -2 – Term 4 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Today I posted my final onsite learning application and we are about to mark the beginning of the final week of remote and flexible learning. By October 26, we should have all of our students back onsite.   The week has progressed very well. Staff and students have moved about the College well,…


Weekly Wrap, Week -1 Term 4 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Dear all,   Welcome to Term 4. This week we have some news to be excited about! Year 7 students return to onsite learning 12 October and Year 8-10 students return on 26 October.   This is the news so many of us have been looking forward to hearing.   On behalf of…


Weekly Wrap, Week 10 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Welcome to the last Weekly Wrap of Term 3.   Well done everyone on making it through such a tumultuous term. Remote and flexible learning is not something I would want to see again as an educator. To everyone in our community, congratulations on your efforts to make the best of a difficult…


Weekly Wrap, Week 9 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Trigger Warning  – a conversation on suicide The following message is designed to be informative for the school community   This week we acknowledge that Thursday was R U OK Day. Following on from the graphic video shared on social media this week, I have decided to start a conversation about suicide. It…

FHC DEAR poster

Weekly Wrap, Week 8 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Drop Everything and Read On Friday 4 September, Forest Hill College was proud to celebrate National Indigenous Literacy Day. The Department of Education is committed to Wirnalung Ganai, the Aboriginal Inclusion Plan, 2019-2021. Forest Hill College is an active and proud subscriber to this commitment. Only 36% of Indigenous Year 5 students in…

Reading opens doors

Weekly Wrap, Week 7 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap   Dear all, welcome to week 7 of the Weekly Wrap.   Once again numbers of covid-19 cases are on the decline. As I write this the daily total has come in at its lowest point (113) for a long time. Our optimism of a return to on-site schooling grows daily. This week…


Weekly Wrap, Week 5 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Dear all,   Welcome to week 5 of Term 3.  Well done to everyone in our community for, once again,  working hard in very trying circumstances. It was wonderful to watch the daily cases of Covid begin to move in a more positive direction, giving us all some reward for the pain we…

Class of 2020_You'veGotThis

Weekly Wrap, Week 4 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Dear all,   Well done on getting through week one of stage 4 lock-down. Today, I am delivering a message to our Year 12 students.   There is no doubt this is tough. It is tough for everyone. Our thoughts go out especially to our students undertaking Year 12 subjects. The uncertainty and…


Weekly Wrap, Week 3 – Term 3 (2020)

Weekly Wrap Dear all,   Welcome to week 3. There is no doubt this week has been a tough one in Melbourne.   The news around Covid cases has been hard to hear and on behalf of College Council, I truly hope all our families are staying safe, staying healthy and staying strong.   This…