Debating and Public Speaking

The college is proud of its extensive and successful debating program. In this popular co-curricular activity, students undertake a training program run by professional debating coaches from the Debaters Association of Victoria that introduces them to the skills of debating and its practical applications. They then move from training to formal interschool debating within the Glen Waverley division of Debating Victoria’s inter-school competition.

Our debaters meet twice a week to hone their public speaking skills and refine their speeches.  In the interschool debating championship they compete against a number of schools in the area arguing on topics such as “That we should abolish the minimum wage”, “That we should ban exams in schools”, and “That all students should learn art and music until year 11”.

Our debaters also have the opportunity to participate in other public speaking events such as the Rotary Mock United Nations Assembly which is held annually at Victorian Parliament House, the Senior British Parliamentary Debating Competition, the Plain English Speaking Awards, Junior Public Speaking Competition and the Rotary Club Year 10 Four-Way Public Speaking Contest.

Debating teaches students many valuable skills, such as applying persuasive techniques, formulating an argument, public speaking, teamwork, research techniques and speech writing.  Debating enables students to gain confidence in public speaking and in expressing their opinions.