Tribe Events – Leaders

College Tribes

Forest Hill College runs a highly successful Tribe system in order to encourage friendly competition between College students. Every student (and staff member) in the school has been allocated to one of four tribes: BLUE, GREEN, RED or YELLOW.

Throughout the year, our College offers many opportunities for students to earn points towards their Tribe. These activities include:

  • College Athletics Carnival
  • College Swimming Carnival
  • Performing Arts Carnival
  • Debating
  • Academic Competitions
  • Lunchtime Sports Competition

Tribe Captains are responsible for the organisation, participation and team work efforts within their Tribe.

Our Tribe Leaders
Red  GIZ0004  THE0003
Elsa G Rachel T
Blue  MER0015  STA0011
Genevieve M Cameron S
Yellow  GIB0013  WAL0027
Jaime G Jared W
Green  SKO0002  AXI0003
Chloe S Kosta A