Basketball Marathon

The Basketball Marathon is a fundraising initiative of Forest Hill College. The event was established by students and staff 25 years ago in memory of past teacher Geoff Davis, who battled cancer.

The annual fundraising event is a part of our College culture and has helped to create an enthusiastic College spirit and sense of community. In 25 years, we have raised over $80,000 for The Leukaemia Foundation, various other charities and school facilities.

The Basketball Marathon is a student-run event. Senior students of the College plan the multiple facets of the event from staffing and stocking the canteen, planning and creating the themed decorations to bring the gym to life, and the College tech team create an audio-visual display for students to showcase their craft.

Participants gather individual sponsorships and play basketball for 24 consecutive hours in our College gymnasium (9am-9am).

In 2014 we hope to raise $15,000. With this money we have chosen to help fund the research projects of our long-time partners The Leukaemia Foundation, as well as student facilities at the College.