Steam, Building Works & College Achievements

I’m proud to announce the substantive appointment of Chris Grant as Assistant Principal of Forest Hill College.  Chris has held the position of Leading Teacher in the role of curriculum since 2009 and has been replacing Meagan Cook in an acting capacity since March of this year.

It is wonderful to have secured Chris and his expertise, as we can continue the work of developing high quality teaching and learning. Chris will oversee the documentation of our 21st Century Curriculum design and our continued focus on teacher quality.

Works on our STEAM Centre are progressing well. Whilst still in the demolition phase, the space is clearly taking shape as walls come down and it becomes easier to visualise how this magnificent centre will be used. New decals installed on the outside of the centre have generated much interest, stimulating great conversations about the possibilities of STEAM and 21st century learning.

I was lucky enough to spend time with a Year 7 science class today.The students designed and constructed paper aeroplanes, testing their flight paths and collating data on the success of their designs (pictured below). It was wonderful to hear students talking about taking risks with their design, taking on a growth mindset as some models failed and some models succeeded. This demonstrates that the work we have been doing with pour students in classes to foster a growth mindset, and encourage risk taking in their learning is paying dividends.

One Year 7 student informed me he had designed a plane that took on a fairly commonly used pattern, and he expected it to function well. He had also developed two planes that were more risky in design, and perhaps would not succeed yet. I was extremely impressed to hear a young man use the term “yet” at the end of this sentence. Yet is a very powerful part of applying a true growth mindset to your work. He had an expectation that through persistence and modification, based on a trial and error approach, over time this persistence and risk taking would lead to success.

On Thursday this week the College conducted the first of our pre selection days for the Sport and Preforming Arts Academy. With over 50 families in attendance there was a great buzz around the Academy. The launch of Basketball has proven a very popular initiative and with only 16 spaces available in Basketball in 2017, competition for places will be strong. The College is always committed to students who apply themselves well to their task and it is this type of high performance effort that we will be searching for during the selection process.


Sporting Success

Across the last 2 weeks, Soccer Academy students Dom and Alex have been representing their club in the Gothia Cup in China under the watchful eye of our Academy Coach Neb Stojkovic. FHC is extremely proud of these 2 young stars who by all accounts performed very well, travelling and playing in the International environment. They have set the path for the College to take its own Academy team to China in 2018 to compete in the Gothia Cup.


Library News

We are over half-way through the year and we have had a great year so far in the College Library.  Students continue to borrow books for recreational reading, as well as to support their learning objectives, with over 2,000 items having been borrowed so far this year.  Over 500 books have been added to library so far in 2017, which shows the College’s continuing commitment to providing quality resources for all our students and staff.

Other initiatives that have also been successful in the library include the jigsaw puzzle table, which continues to get enthusiastic use as students work together to complete puzzles.  So far three 1000 piece puzzles have been completed.

The Library Blog is also continuing to provide information on books, reading and library news for students, staff and the wider College community.  The blog can be used to see what books have been added to the library collection, “suggest a book” or submit book reviews (still waiting on our first student written review though), as well as getting reading suggestions and links to other reading and literature related websites and information.  The blog is updated weekly during school term time and is a fun way to encourage student engagement with the library and reading in general.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, follow the links through Compass or visit directly at

And just to further promote the value of reading…

Check out the article “9 Scientific Reasons You Should Be Reading Right Now” from the Bookstr website.


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